How to Achieve a Silent Stage

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achieve a silent stage

As a musician or sound engineer you may have come across the phrase ‘silent stage’, although the term ‘semi-silent stage’ might be a little closer to the truth, the idea is the reduce the noise on stage to an absolute minimum, and it’s not so hard to …

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A Guide to buying an Audio Interface for Computer Recording

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Every computer music setup needs a way of getting signals into and out of the computer, and to achieve this you really need to invest in an 'audio interface', often referred to as a “sound card”.

“But I have a headphone output and microphone input on my computer already. Why …

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Recording Demystified – MIDI and DAW Controllers

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Demystified midi daw

Using pieces of hardware to control music software can really speed up your workflow in the studio. There are now hundreds of options for hardware controllers that specialise in controlling virtual synthesizers and drum plug-ins, DJ software, or DAWs and their effects plug-ins, in fact almost all of your entire …

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A Guide to Recording and Music Production Software

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The use of software to record audio and create music has evolved over the last few decades to a point where the majority of studio work is now done with the aid of a computer. There are still a few people out there using “stand alone” multitrack recorders like the …

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Studio Monitors – What You Need to Know

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Studio monitoring is one of the most important aspects of music production. After all, if you can’t hear what changes need to be made to make your mix sound as good as possible, then how do you know what to change and by how much?

This article aims to …

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Recording Demystified: Studio Microphones Explained

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If you ever want to record anything in the real world – vocals, guitars, drum kits, choirs, or even birdsong, then you will inevitably need a microphone. Fortunately, there’s a million mic’s out there ready and willing to help you with this task. Unfortunately, there’s a million mic …

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How to re-string your Acoustic Guitar

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Our resident guitar technician, Robin, shows us how to re-string a Martin acoustic guitar. Also, he shows how to prevent the bridge pin from popping out when doing so.


Fender Custom Shop Tool Kit by CruzTools 


Walkthrough of the Audient ID22 and ASP880

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Audient id22 and ASP880 in action


This is the Audient’s iD22 USB audio interface and monitor controller. It’s a high quality desktop solution for MAC or PC recording, with many features you might not expect to find on a unit of this price.

The iD22 has two very …

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Which Komplete Is For You?

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With Komplete 10 offering more than ever before, there are many ways you can get the latest version depending on what you own already. This guide will help you choose the right product to get you up to version 10.

I don’t own …

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Epiphone DoveOur guitar manager Terry Haselden is back to offer his enlightenment in the world of acoustics…


From the powerful ‘spr-wiang’ of Tom Petty’s 12-string in Free Falling to the delicate finger-picking of Paul McCartney’s Blackbird and the beautiful classical guitar of Andrés Segovia, the …

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