How to audition the best studio monitors

Posted on Wed 11 September 2019 in entries • Tagged with Andy Munro Acoustics, best studio monitors, db7, os acoustics, RME ADI2 Pro DAC, studio monitors


With over twenty years of experience providing clients with monitor demonstrations, OS Acoustics have put together this handy guide with a few tips worth keeping in mind when auditioning new studio monitors.

There are many differing opinions online about the ‘best studio monitors’ which can lead to confusion, in reality …

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OS Acoustics DB7 Studio Monitors

Posted on Tue 27 March 2018 in General News • Tagged with os acoustics, studio monitors


OS Acoustics are a new comer to the world of studio monitors, but have arrived with a bang, their flagship monitor, the DB7, is every bit as good as its contemporaries and should be seriously considered for demo.

** Blog Update **

Update to original post published in September 2017.

The reviews …

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Studio Monitors – What You Need to Know

Posted on Wed 16 September 2015 in Computer Music • Tagged with diy, how to, monitors, music studio, Speakers, studio, studio monitors, teach


Studio monitoring is one of the most important aspects of music production. After all, if you can’t hear what changes need to be made to make your mix sound as good as possible, then how do you know what to change and by how much?

This article aims to …

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Posted on Tue 01 July 2014 in Computer Music • Tagged with active studio monitors, genelec, genelec 8010a, genelec 8020c, genelec 8030b, genelec 8040b, genelec 8050b, studio monitors

From 1st July to 31st October 2014, you'll be able to make HUGE savings on selected Genelec studio monitors if you trade in your old monitors. By trading in your old monitors (any brand apart from Genelec), you can save up to £560 on a pair of Genelec monitors!

Genelec …

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Posted on Wed 20 February 2013 in Computer Music • Tagged with active monitors, sonodyne, sonodyne sm100ak sonodyne sm50ak, sonodyne sm200ak, studio monitors

Sonodyne SM100Ak Active Studio MonitorsIf you're after a pair of high-quality studio monitors but you don't think you can afford them then think again! We've got some unbelievable savings on Sonodyne monitors, which can save you 100s of pounds! Get a pair of Sonodyne SM50Ak monitors for just £500 (was £779.98), a pair …

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Posted on Wed 10 October 2012 in Computer Music • Tagged with acoustic treatment, active monitors, cms65, focal, solo 6 be, studio monitors, twin 6 be, universal acoustics

Focal Twin Monitors with Free Acoustic TreatmentFrom now until 31st December 2012, you can claim free acoustic treatment with selected Focal monitors, allowing you to purchase a complete professional monitoring set-up for a discounted price.

Trust me, Focal monitors sound great - I opted for a pair of CMS65s in my home studio! Don't miss out on …

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Posted on Wed 25 July 2012 in Computer Music • Tagged with egg 150, project rf filter, reflexion filter, robin rimbaud, scanner, se electronics, se munro, studio monitors

ScannerScanner is a British experimental artist that has worked on many projects over the years, including personal studio albums and singles, advert soundtracks, creating soundtracks for ballets, re-writing Joy Division songs for a new project at the Brighton Festival, composing for the London 2012 Olympics and much more!

In this …

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