New: Arturia Audiofuse USB Interface

Posted on Tue 13 June 2017 in entries • Tagged with arturia, audiofuse, usb interface

Arturia Audiofuse

Arturia just launched their first professional USB recording interface, and they didn’t do it by half-measures.

The new Arturia AudioFuse interface is small enough in physical footprint terms to be easily portable alongside a laptop or tablet but has enough connectivity to drive a professional setup. AudioFuse offers a …

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Roland launches new line of USB interfaces - Meet the Rubix series

Posted on Thu 05 January 2017 in entries • Tagged with Roland Rubix, Roland Rubix 22, Roland Rubix 24, Roland Rubix 44, Rubix, The Rubix series, usb interface


Alongside the launch of their new smartphone friendly mixer, the GO:MIXER, Roland has also just announced the arrival of a series of compact, high-resolution and high-value USB interfaces. The Rubix series, comprising of the 22, 24 and 44 models, boasts high-resolution audio capturing up to 24-bit/192kHz for PC …

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Walkthrough of the Audient ID22 and ASP880

Posted on Thu 19 February 2015 in entries • Tagged with audient, audient asp008, class a, guide, how to, id22, interface, set up, usb interface

Audient id22 and ASP880 in action


This is the Audient’s iD22 USB audio interface and monitor controller. It’s a high quality desktop solution for MAC or PC recording, with many features you might not expect to find on a unit of this price.

The iD22 has two very …

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Namm 2015: Roland Super UA

Posted on Thu 22 January 2015 in entries • Tagged with interface, roland, super ua, usb interface

Super UA

SuperUA_BOX_SET copy
Audiophile-grade interface for Mac and PC
The Super UA combines audiophile sound, premium build quality and low latency performance in a next-generation audio interface for Mac and PC. With native support for both 1-bit DSD and 32-bit PCM playback, the Super UA is the state-of-the-art in fidelity. Low-latency …

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Posted on Thu 10 April 2014 in Computer Music • Tagged with audient, audient asp880, audient id22, monitor controller audio interface, preamp, usb 2.0 interface, usb interface

We've got a couple of exciting Audient announcements to tell you about, including news that there are now Windows and OS X Mavericks drivers available for their popular iD22 interface/monitor controller, as well as information on their new ASP880 preamp...

Windows Drivers Audient iD22


So, let's start with …

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Posted on Fri 07 February 2014 in Computer Music • Tagged with audio interface, firewire interface, focusrite, focusrite forte, focusrite saffire pro 40, focusrite scarlett 18i20, midi controller, Novation, novation zero sl mkii, usb 2.0 audio interface, usb interface

Emeli Sandé... do we really need to introduce the multiple award-winning, hit record-writing singer, who has performed everywhere from the Royal Albert Hall to the 2012 Olympics?

In this interview, Emeli explains how her Focusrite Forte is her go-to interface for recording on the road, due to its amazing sound-quality …

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Posted on Wed 05 February 2014 in Competitions • Tagged with audient, audient id22, audio interface, monitor controller, usb 2.0 interface, usb interface

Audient are giving you the chance to win an ID22, worth £449!

The ID22 is a professional USB 2.0 interface/monitor controller, offering 2 inputs and 6 outputs, with two class-A mic preamps and 24-bit/96kHz AD/DA converters. The ID22 also features ADAT I/O, giving you the …

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Posted on Wed 22 January 2014 in Computer Music • Tagged with audio interface, midi interface, Steinberg, steinberg ur44, usb 2.0 interface, usb interface

We've just received our first shipment of Steinberg UR44 interfaces!

The UR44 is a 6-in, 4-out USB 2.0 audio interface with four fantastic-sounding Class A D-PRE microphone preamps and professional quality 24-bit/192 kHz converters. It also features onboard DSP, allowing you to add compression, EQ, reverb and guitar …

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Posted on Thu 16 January 2014 in Computer Music • Tagged with focusrite, focusrite itrack solo, focusrite itrack studio i[pad interface, usb 2.0 interface, usb interface

The iTrack Studio bundle consists of on iTrack Solo audio interface (for computers and iOS devices), a studio-quality Focusrite microphone, headphones and a mic cable. Until the end of February 2014 (or while stocks last), you can grab all of this for just £179.99! All you need is a …

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Posted on Wed 15 January 2014 in Computer Music • Tagged with audient, audient id22, monitor controller, usb 2.0 interface, usb interface

Audient have just announced that their ID22 interface has taken a HUGE price dive, from £595 to an amazing £449!

The ID22 provides 2 analogue inputs and  6 analogue outputs of pristine 24-bit/96kHz audio. It features two of Audient's fantastic class-A mic preamplifiers and as well as acting as …

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