Recording Demystified: Synthesizers – what do all those knobs do?

Posted on Tue 20 October 2015 in entries • Tagged with Recording Demystified, synths


The synthesizer has been forging new sounds, enabling ground-breaking music, and even creating entire genres since the 1960s and 70s when Bob Moog first brought the compact synthesizer to the masses and inspired musicians to experiment with new electronic sounds. Since then, instrument pioneers and advances in technology have brought …

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Recording Demystified – MIDI and DAW Controllers

Posted on Wed 07 October 2015 in entries • Tagged with daw controllers, how to, midi controllers, Recording Demystified

Demystified midi daw

Using pieces of hardware to control music software can really speed up your workflow in the studio. There are now hundreds of options for hardware controllers that specialise in controlling virtual synthesizers and drum plug-ins, DJ software, or DAWs and their effects plug-ins, in fact almost all of your entire …

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