Buy a Rackmount Apollo, Get a Free UAD-2 Satellite DSP Accelerator

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End-of-year Apollo Rack + FREE UAD-2 Satellite promotion is underway! Buy any new Universal Audio Apollo X, Apollo 8, or Apollo FireWire rackmount interface from an authorized UA retailer, register it between October 1st and December 31st, 2019, and receive a FREE UAD-2 Satellite DSP Accelerator.

You’ll get a massive …

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A Guide to buying an Audio Interface for Computer Recording

Posted on Thu 09 March 2017 in entries • Tagged with 18i20, 2i2, 2i4, apollo, buying a audio interface, firewire, focus rite, GUIDE TO BUYING AN AUDIO INTERFACE FOR COMPUTER RECORDING, had, how to, INTERFACES, octopre, prism, thunderbolt, u22, uad, usb

Every computer music setup needs a way of getting signals into and out of the computer, and to achieve this you really need to invest in an 'audio interface', often referred to as a “sound card”.

“But I have a headphone output and microphone input on my computer already. Why …

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