A Guide to Recording and Music Production Software

Posted on Thu 17 September 2015 in entries • Tagged with A Guide to Recording and Music Production Software, guide, how to, recording guide, software, teach


The use of software to record audio and create music has evolved over the last few decades to a point where the majority of studio work is now done with the aid of a computer. There are still a few people out there using “stand alone” multitrack recorders like the …

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Studio Monitors – What You Need to Know

Posted on Wed 16 September 2015 in Computer Music • Tagged with diy, how to, monitors, music studio, Speakers, studio, studio monitors, teach


Studio monitoring is one of the most important aspects of music production. After all, if you can’t hear what changes need to be made to make your mix sound as good as possible, then how do you know what to change and by how much?

This article aims to …

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Learn to Play Guitar Uptown Funk

Posted on Sun 03 May 2015 in entries • Tagged with absolute music, guitar lessons, how to play, teach, tuition, uptown funk

The third in a series of beginner guitar tuition videos. In this video Dave shows us how to play Uptown Funk. Stay tuned for more video tutorials next week.