A Guide to buying an Audio Interface for Computer Recording

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Every computer music setup needs a way of getting signals into and out of the computer, and to achieve this you really need to invest in an 'audio interface', often referred to as a “sound card”.

“But I have a headphone output and microphone input on my computer already. Why …

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High-performance audio interfaces featuring M-Audio’s exclusive CrystalTM preamps enable composers and musicians to produce studio-quality computer-based recordings.

Boasting an elegant pro-grade metal chassis with a large central volume knob, both M-Tracks feature M-Audio’s exclusive CrystalTM low-noise pre-amps and pristine A/D converters that deliver the highest audio …

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Have you Discovered Propellerhead Discover, yet?

Posted on Wed 25 February 2015 in entries • Tagged with 2i2, bundle, focusrite, interface, reason, reason bundles 2015, recording, scarlett, solo, usb


Still currently in beta version, but already with loads of users and a growing community, Propellerhead’s Discover is the place to create, share and collaborate on musical projects on-line.

As a web-based collaboration platform, Discover allows users to upload and share projects that can be worked on by musicians …

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Novation Announce New Audiohub USB Interface

Posted on Thu 11 September 2014 in entries • Tagged with audio box, focusrite, interface, launch control, Launchpad, novation audiobox, usb

What is Audiohub?


Audiohub 2x4 is a USB audio interface with ‘Focusrite sound inside’, for high-quality electronic music production. Housed in a sleek yet tough aluminium chassis, it provides two ultra-low latency inputs and four super loud outputs, while connecting and powering up to three other USB devices with its …

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Posted on Thu 12 May 2011 in entries • Tagged with Live, mackie, mixer, profx12, profx8, usb

Mackie ProFX12Well, I’ve brought you the Mackie ProFX8 review, so I thought I may as well let you know about the ProFX12 as well! Yes, I know they are both very similar… but the ProFX12 does offer a little more flexibility compared to the ProFX8, so I thought it was …

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Posted on Wed 11 May 2011 in entries • Tagged with Live, mackie, mixer, profx12, profx8, usb

Mackie ProFX8 MixerAre you a solo performer, small band (in numbers, not height!), or small venue? Are you looking for a professional yet cost effective solution to your live mixing problems? No need to go compare! Look no further than the Mackie ProFX8


Hardware mixers are …

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Posted on Fri 06 May 2011 in Computer Music • Tagged with firewire, usb


Cables, cables, everywhere! But with so many different types, which ones do you need? And what is the difference between them all? Fear not, for I am here to explain everything… Plus, this guide also features an easy-to-understand description of the terms 'balanced' and 'unbalanced'.


1. Introduction and …

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MOTU 828 Mk3 Hybrid

Posted on Tue 08 February 2011 in Computer Music • Tagged with firewire, interface, usb

News flash! MOTU have announced the latest version of the industry-standard 828 Mk3 - and this time, it's Hybrid!


The MOTU 828 Mk3 Hybrid incorporates both Firewire and USB2 connectivity, allowing it to be connected to a huge range of Mac and Windows computers. The new model uses FireWire "Type …

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Posted on Wed 17 November 2010 in entries • Tagged with hardware, usb

Now, before I start, I have to admit that I’ve recently sold my Alesis IO2 in place of a MOTU Traveler! But that’s only because I felt it was time to upgrade to something that offers a little more flexible functionality, and after five years of quality service …

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Alesis DM7 USB Kit

Posted on Thu 04 November 2010 in Drums • Tagged with usb


News from Alesis, with the announcement of a brand-new electronic drum set - the DM7 USB Kit.

The Alesis DM7 USB Kit features crushing bass drums, cracking snares, melodic toms and shimmering cymbals - all at your fingertips. Experience the thrill of busting out beats on eight total drum and cymbal …

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