A Guide to buying an Audio Interface for Computer Recording

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Every computer music setup needs a way of getting signals into and out of the computer, and to achieve this you really need to invest in an 'audio interface', often referred to as a “sound card”.

“But I have a headphone output and microphone input on my computer already. Why …

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Have you Discovered Propellerhead Discover, yet?

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Still currently in beta version, but already with loads of users and a growing community, Propellerhead’s Discover is the place to create, share and collaborate on musical projects on-line.

As a web-based collaboration platform, Discover allows users to upload and share projects that can be worked on by musicians …

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Ableton Live 8 Bundles ThumbAnd when we say 'AMAZING', we really mean it! Grab Ableton Live in some fantastic bundles with interfaces, MIDI keyboards and DJ/studio controllers and make HUGE savings! For example, grab Ableton Live 8 with a FREE upgrade to Ableton Live 9 and a professional audio interface for less money …

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When I bought my first ever audio interface, I forked out £99 for a 2-in, 2-out device with minimal features, average sounding preamps, USB 1.1 connectivity and a copy of Cubase LE. At the time, this seemed like a bargain to me, but things have changed since then. In …

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