Gibson - Past, Present, and Future

Posted on Wed 13 February 2019 in namm-2019 • Tagged with acoustic, blues, electric guitar, gibson, history, jazz, les paul, mandolin, orville, robert johnson, ted mccarty

Gibson is synonymous with guitars and music. They have put more instruments in the hands of trail blazing musicians of the 20th century than any other brand.

They have had ups and down over years, had many hits, but equal amounts of misses with iconic guitar designs but ultimately have …

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New Marshall Studio Series Amplifiers

Posted on Wed 13 February 2019 in namm-2019 • Tagged with 20, amps, marshall, namm 2019, studio, watt

Marshall have quite a storied history. If you're interested in a little history lesson about the company you should definitely check that out here.

New for 2019 they are looking back and taking inspiration from three chapters of that history.

They are introducing their new Studio line of amplifiers that …

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New Orange Pedal Baby 100

Posted on Wed 13 February 2019 in namm-2019 • Tagged with 100, amps, orange, pedal baby

The guitarists landscape is changing. Apart from a lucky few that can crank their 100 watt amplifiers to achieve their sound, most of us have found that smaller valve amps turned up sound better than big amps turned down. Increasingly we are actually running these amp clean and getting all …

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New Orange Tremlord 30 Guitar Amplifier

Posted on Tue 12 February 2019 in namm-2019 • Tagged with 30 watt, amp, combo, namm 2019, orange, orange amp, tremlord

Orange is probably the most instantly recognisable amp brands out there and that does need any explanation as to why. Now they are expanding their already impressive catalog of amps with the new Tremlord amplifier. First let's have a brief catch up as to how we got here.

In early …

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Fender Release Limited Edition Jimmy Page Dragon and Mirror Telecasters

Posted on Tue 12 February 2019 in namm-2019 • Tagged with dragon, electric guitar, fender, history, jimmy page, led zeppelin, mirror, news, telecaster, the yardbirds

The world of Rock is filled with iconic guitars: Gary Moore/Peter Green's Les Paul, David Gilmour's Black Strat, and any guitar Hendrix ever touched. Many of these guitars that are becoming more legendary than the guitarists that played them even.
These instrument are often passed between the greats as …

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Taylor release a new body shape - The Grand Pacific

Posted on Mon 04 February 2019 in namm-2019 • Tagged with acoustic guitar, taylor, The Grand Pacific

Taylor are known to be the Ying to Martin’s Yang. A modern sounding instrument manufacturer making guitars with a powerful clear voice, a voice where each note is clear and concise. They are relatively young within the industry as a whole but this clear, concise nature to their sound …

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Posted on Fri 01 February 2019 in namm-2019 • Tagged with ANALOG SYNTHESIZER, MOOG SIRIN, Moog Taurus Bass, Sirin Analog

Sirin Analog Messenger Of Joy is a limited-production analog synthesizer module based on the legendary Moog Taurus Bass sound engine, and created in celebration of the 2019 Moog House of Electronicus experience in Los Angeles, California.

Secured in a brushed stainless steel enclosure with a retro-inspired color palette, Sirin foretells …

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SE Paul’s Guitar

Posted on Tue 29 January 2019 in namm-2019 • Tagged with Custom 22, paul reed smith, pro, prs, SE line, The SE Paul’s Guitar

Like many artists that ‘borrow’ from their influences, Paul Reed Smith has a storied history of creating new and exciting designs that display a nod to what inspired their creation while still bringing their own unique aspect to the table. Although sometime he does tend to land himself in hot …

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Sheeran by Lowden

Posted on Tue 29 January 2019 in namm-2019 • Tagged with acoustic guitar, George Lowden, Lowden, Sheeran

I happened to scrolling through my Instagram feed the other morning when I found the whole feed was saturated by acoustic guitars! This is quite normal when you follow guitar manufacturer around NAMM time but the guitar in question were the new Sheeran guitars (of course this is a Mr …

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Behringer RD-808 Drum Machine (Roland TR-808 Clone)

Posted on Tue 29 January 2019 in namm-2019 • Tagged with behringer, rd-808, Roland’s TR-808

Behringer’s clone of Roland’s TR-808 drum machine will arrive in March priced around £299.

The budget gear company shared the news with Synthtopia at this year’s NAMM show in California, where it’s also showing off clones of the ARP Odyssey and Sequential Circuits Pro-One. It also …

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