The Enduring Mystique of Martin Guitars

Posted on Tue 19 March 2019 in entries • Tagged with acoustic guitar, C.F. Martin, guitar, history, Martin

The guitar world is filled with many manufacturers making great instruments. Today we are fortunate to live in a world were a certain degree of automations has brought prices down while simultaneously bringing the standards of quality up. On one end you have a mass production of various models of …

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Taylor release a new body shape - The Grand Pacific

Posted on Mon 04 February 2019 in namm-2019 • Tagged with acoustic guitar, taylor, The Grand Pacific

Taylor are known to be the Ying to Martin’s Yang. A modern sounding instrument manufacturer making guitars with a powerful clear voice, a voice where each note is clear and concise. They are relatively young within the industry as a whole but this clear, concise nature to their sound …

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Sheeran by Lowden

Posted on Tue 29 January 2019 in namm-2019 • Tagged with acoustic guitar, George Lowden, Lowden, Sheeran

I happened to scrolling through my Instagram feed the other morning when I found the whole feed was saturated by acoustic guitars! This is quite normal when you follow guitar manufacturer around NAMM time but the guitar in question were the new Sheeran guitars (of course this is a Mr …

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Posted on Thu 01 May 2014 in General News • Tagged with acoustic guitar, electro-acoustic guitar, epiphone, guitar tuner, shadow soundhole tuner, soundhole tuner

It's acoustic month with Epiphone! During May 2014, if you purchase a qualifying Epiphone acoustic guitar, you'll be able to claim a FREE Shadow Soundhole tuner!

Qualifying models include: DR-212AJ-220S (Natural), AJ-220S (Vintage Sunburst)Hummingbird ProDove ProAJ-220SCE (Natural), AJ-220SCE (Vintage Sunburst)AJ-220SCE (Ebony)PR-5EJohn Lennon EJ-160E …

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Posted on Fri 26 July 2013 in General News • Tagged with acoustic guitar, faith guitars

Faith GuitarsCreators of the Venus HiGloss FVHG, voted the UK's best acoustic guitar at the MIA Music Awards last year, Faith Guitars make a range of highly desirable instruments and we're very excited indeed to now be selling them. Their Natural, Trembesi, HiGloss, Eclipse and Naked series' all look and sound …

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Posted on Wed 10 July 2013 in General News • Tagged with acoustic guitar, combo amp, electro-acoustic guitar, guitar amp, prs, prs acoustic guitar, prs se, prs se 20, prs se 50, prs se acoustic guitar, prs se angelus, valve amp, valve combo amp

PRS SE Angelus Standard Electro Acoustic GuitarAs well as stocking the awesome PRS SE electric guitars, we now also stock PRS SE acoustic guitars and amps! We've got a selection of beautiful PRS SE Angelus acoustic guitars and PRS SE valve combo amps. Feel free to pop into our Bournemouth store and hear them for yourself …

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Posted on Fri 27 July 2012 in entries • Tagged with acoustic guitar, bill collings, Bill Frisell, collings, collings acoustic, collings guitars, John Sebastian, Justin Haywood, Lyle Lovett, Mumford and Sons, Pete Townshend, Robbie McIntosh

Collings Acoustic GuitarCollings Guitars was started in 1973 by Bill Collings in Austin, Texas, USA and the original workshop would have been found in a small wooden garage, just large enough for one car.

In 1988, George Gruhn, a leading authority on vintage guitars, placed an order with Bill Collings for 24 …

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Posted on Fri 06 July 2012 in entries • Tagged with acoustic guitar, electric guitar, recording guitar

Acoustic GuitarThere's a real art to recording a perfect acoustic or electric guitar sound, so here's our expert advice on getting it right...


So much of the music we listen to these days features guitars, whether it’s subtle acoustic finger-picking or in-yer-face heavy rock. From the rounded …

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