Posted on Wed 25 July 2012 in Computer Music

ScannerScanner is a British experimental artist that has worked on many projects over the years, including personal studio albums and singles, advert soundtracks, creating soundtracks for ballets, re-writing Joy Division songs for a new project at the Brighton Festival, composing for the London 2012 Olympics and much more!

In this article, Scanner (or Robin Rimbaud to his friends) talks about his work and why he uses sE Munro Egg 150 monitors and an sE Electronics Reflexion Filter. Whether you are familiar with his work or not, the article makes a very interesting read.

Click here to read the full interview.

For more information on sE Munro Egg 150 monitors or the sE Electronics Reflexion Filter, click the links below or give us a call on 01202 597180.

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If you are interested, you can also check out some of Scanner's work on iTunes, including:

Qualia - Soundtrack for Royal Ballet London - Scanner

Warhol's Surfaces - Scanner

Messe - Macht des Klangs - Scanner

Reason by Heart, Sleep by Twilight - Scanner

Blink of an Eye (with The Post Modern Jazz Quartet) - Scanner

... and many more!