Win a session in Capitol Studios and lots of swag with Shure

Posted on Tue 13 February 2018 in entries • Tagged with motiv, shure

Off The Beaten Track

There isn’t much that’s higher on the universal wish-list of unsigned bands than getting a chance to fly to Hollywood and record in Capitol Studios with legendary producer and engineer Al Schmitt. All this and more is within easy grasp thanks to a new competition from Shure.

Shure …

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Best iPhone condenser Microphone? SHURE MV88

Posted on Thu 30 November 2017 in entries • Tagged with mv88, shure, shure mv88

As you know you can easily record audio from your smart phone. But most times its not the ideal way of capturing the best possible sound quality.

If you want to capture decent audio to you iPhone for podcasts, band rehearsals, singing or even Facebook live, I would recommend the …

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NEW: Shure Super 55 Pitch Black Limited Edition Microphone

Posted on Wed 06 September 2017 in entries • Tagged with microphones, shure, super 55

Shure Super 55

Shure, one of the world’s leading microphone manufacturers, just announced the release of a limited quantity of the Super 55-BLK Deluxe Vocal Microphone Pitch Black Edition. The new Super 55 Pitch Black Edition is a modern take on the classic Super 55’s look and performance.

The limited edition …

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Shure SE Series Sound Isolating Earphones

Posted on Tue 21 March 2017 in entries • Tagged with earphone, in ear, in ear monitors, inear, performance earphones, review, shure, shure se earphones

The Shure SE Series Earphones. What's the difference between each set and what pair is best for you… the performing musician

In this video we are going to be looking at the SE215, 425, 315 and 535. So if you're looking to spend between £90 to £400, we've got you …

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Industry Standards: The Shure SM57 and SM58 Microphones

Posted on Mon 13 March 2017 in entries • Tagged with beta57a, beta58a, microphones, shure, sm57, sm58

SHURE sm57 and sm58

In the first of our Industry Standards series, we take a look at a pair of classic microphones that have found their place in pretty much every stage and studio setup since the mid-60s. Behold the Shure SM57 and SM58 microphones.

The Shure SM57, as we know it, was first …

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Posted on Mon 14 November 2016 in entries • Tagged with BATTERY OFFER, GLX-D wireless mic, shure, SHURE GLX-D BATTERY OFFER

Screenshot 2016-11-14 10.47.52

If only for peace of mind, you can always use a spare battery. For a limited time only, we’re offering extended peace of mind with your purchase of a GLX-D Wireless System.

Screenshot 2016-11-14 10.38.47


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The SM58 50th Anniversary Edition

Posted on Mon 26 September 2016 in General News • Tagged with history of the sm58, shure, sm57, sm58, SM58 50th Anniversary, sm58 50th years

sm58_google+_banner_1080x608 This year Shure celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the world's most popular microphone. In order to commemorate this landmark they are pleased to announce a special edition, in silver. Shure have a limited supply of this microphone now in stock, with an RRP of £99 - get your order in soon …

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Shure KSM8 Dualdyne

Posted on Sun 10 July 2016 in General News • Tagged with Dualdyne Handheld, Dynamic Vocal Microphone, ksm8, shure, Shure KSM8, shure mics

The first all-new dynamic microphone from Shure for nearly 50 years — the KSM8 Dualdyne. Much speculation has emerged about the ‘dual’ in ‘Dualdyne,’ and what this term actually means. The KSM8 is unique in being a dual-diaphragm, moving-coil stage vocal mic — hence the title ‘World’s First Dual-Diaphragm Dynamic Handheld …

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Posted on Thu 26 February 2015 in entries • Tagged with 5575, 5575LE, limited edition, mic, microphone, shure, shure 5575le, Singers, Unboxing

The limited-edition 75th Anniversary Shure 5575LE. A modern version of the classic Unidyne microphone that combines that vintage look with a modern performance. The 5575Le is a real eye-catcher onstage! Finished in satin chrome-plated housing that takes you back to the early days of blues and rock 'n' roll.

A …

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NAMM 2015: Shure PG Alta Mics

Posted on Mon 26 January 2015 in entries • Tagged with microphone, namm 2015, pga181, pga27, pga48, pga52, pga56, pga57, pga58, pga81, pga98d, pga98h, shure, shure PG Alta

shure pga range

An expanded suite of affordable microphones includes new side-address, gooseneck drum, and clip-on horn models. Get the sound and quality you want for every application.

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