Roland AIRA System-1 Plug-Out Synthesizer Review

Posted on Tue 04 November 2014 in entries • Tagged with review, roland, roland aira system-1, synth, system

system 1

They say "Small ones are more Juicy". After 30 minutes alone with the new Roland System-1 synth, I pretty much reckon they are right. Beautifully illuminated, and showing off its new Alpha Dial style Mod wheel, she waits for eye contact, then whispers "touch me! do it now, take me …

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Roland SH-101 Plug-Out Synth for System-1 Now Available

Posted on Fri 25 July 2014 in Computer Music • Tagged with roland, roland aira, roland aira system-1, roland aira system-1 plug-out synth, roland sh-101, roland sh-101 plug-out, roland sh-101 plug-out synth, roland system-1

You can now turn your Roland Aira System-1 synthesiser into a classic SH-101, which has cemented its place in dance music history for the role that it played in the evolution of genres such as techno, drum & bass and acid. What's more is …

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Posted on Fri 14 February 2014 in entries • Tagged with roland, roland aira, roland aira system-1, roland aira tb-3, roland aira tr-8, roland aira vt-3, roland system-1, roland tb-3, roland tr-8, roland vt-3

After all those teases, we finally know what the Airas are! In fact, we have a confession to make... some of us have known for a while and have even got to hear and play them! Unfortunately for the rest of us, those people were bound by a strict contract …

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