Roland SH-101 Plug-Out Synth for System-1 Now Available

Posted on Fri 25 July 2014 in Computer Music

You can now turn your Roland Aira System-1 synthesiser into a classic SH-101, which has cemented its place in dance music history for the role that it played in the evolution of genres such as techno, drum & bass and acid. What's more is that you can do this for FREE, or if you don't already own a System-1, you can purchase the virtual instrument to use on your computer.

The beauty of the System-1 synth, apart from the fact that it has its own unique sound engine, is that using Roland's special Plug-Out technology, you can load it with the sounds of other Roland Plug-Out synths, detach it from your computer and then use it on-stage or in the studio as a standalone instrument! Alternatively, you can use the plug-in on your computer as a piece of software, without having to own the System-1.

More Plug-Out synths are due to be released in future, but for now, all new and old System-1 owners can download the SH-101 Plug-Out synth for FREE, using the Plug-Out code that was included in their System-1 box.

Click here to visit the Roland website and find out more about (or download) the SH-101 Plug-Out synth.


1. Install the System-1 USB driver on your computer.

2. Update the System-1 firmware to the latest version (v1.10 at the time of writing) by running the update file.

3. Install the SH-101 plug-in on your computer and run it inside your DAW. You will need to follow the instructions included with the software download here.

4. Activate the plug-in (do this online from within the plugin itself).

5. Connect the System-1 to your computer and press the 'plug-out' button within the SH-101 plug-in.

6. The System-1 should now update and will contain the original System-1 sounds, plus the SH-101 sounds when in 'plug-out' mode.

Roland Aira System-1

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