Overdrive Pedal Blindfold Test: The Emperors New Clothes?

Posted on Wed 06 December 2017 in entries • Tagged with electro harmonix, euphoria pedal, Jan Ray, overdrive blindfold test, overdrive pedal, soul food, Vemuram Jan Ray Overdrive Pedal, wampler

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The Pedals we selected for the overdrive blindfold test.

Vemuran Jan Ray

Wampler Euphoria

Soul Food

DISCLAIMER: The intention …

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Storeroom Reviews: Catalinbread SFT Overdrive Pedal

Posted on Sun 10 April 2016 in entries • Tagged with bb king, catalinbread, guitarists, josh homme, keith richards, overdrive pedal, pedals, sft, stoner rock, storeroom reviews

Catalinbread SFT pedal

Good day to you fellow guitarists out there. It's time for another Storeroom Review. This week we are taking a look at the awesome SFT Pedal from Catalinbread.

A overdrive pedal with a twist. Want to get that "stoner rock" vibe like Josh Homme? This is the pedal for …

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Posted on Thu 17 July 2014 in General News • Tagged with Boss, boss bd-2w, boss dm-2w, boss sd-1w, boss waza craft, delay pedal, overdrive pedal

Boss have recently announced three pedals for their brand new Waza Craft series. The SD-1W Super Overdrive, BD-2W Blues Driver and DM-2W Delay all feature refined circuit designs as well as all-analogue components, in order to provide the signature sounds of the popular pedals that they are based on. Each …

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Posted on Tue 08 October 2013 in entries • Tagged with Eric Johnson, greg howe, overdrive, overdrive pedal, scott henderson, xotic, xotic ac booster, xotic bb preamp, xotic rc booster

Following on from my recent review of the AC Plus (CLICK HERE to read it), I thought I'd write a quick article comparing Xotic's venerable AC Booster, RC Booster & BB Preamp models. These units have become modern classics & can be found on the pedalboards of many a tone-hound (from the …

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Posted on Fri 13 September 2013 in entries • Tagged with fulltone, fulltone full drive, fulltone full drive 2 mosfet, fulltone fulldrive, fulltone fulldrive 2, fulltone fulldrive 2- mosfet, fulltone fulldrive2, fulltone fulldrive2 mosfet, guitar effect pedal, overdrive pedal

Whatever else may be said, Mike Fuller has certainly garnered a reputation for quality with his Fulltone brand of vintage-inspired effects pedals. In 2007 Mr. Fuller decided to update the self-proclaimed 'most popular boutique overdrive ever made' & the FullDrive 2 became the FullDrive 2-MOSFET. The inclusion of the MOSFET (Metal …

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