Overdrive Pedal Blindfold Test: The Emperors New Clothes?

Posted on Wed 06 December 2017 in entries

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The Pedals we selected for the overdrive blindfold test.

Vemuran Jan Ray

Wampler Euphoria

Soul Food

DISCLAIMER: The intention of this video is not to claim pedal ‘x’ is ‘better’ than pedal ‘y’, or to imply that any particular product is overpriced. We admit that it is also not a comprehensive test of these 3 pedals, but merely an isolated demonstration used to highlight a conclusion that we arrive at everyday in store - “the ‘best’ pedal/amp/guitar is the one that suits you and your setup/ears the most”.

If you need a hand finding what’s right for you, give us a call, or better still, pay us a visit. We promise not to blindfold you...!