Origins of Sound

Posted on Mon 21 May 2018 in entries • Tagged with 20th century, audio interface, edison phonograph, history, origins of sound, phonograph, sound recording, The Acoustic Era... 1877 - 1925, The Digital Era… 1975 - Present, The Electrical Era... 1925 - 1945, The Magnetic Era... 1945 - 1975, thomas edison, vinyl

Before we get stuck in I would like to highlight the fact I am a guitarist of 15 years with about 5 minutes of recording experience.  This isn’t a comprehensive insight into the evolution of music technology but purely a short ‘ode to’ written by a lover of music …

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Posted on Mon 12 March 2012 in entries • Tagged with turntable, vinyl

VinylMixing with vinyl is the traditional way to DJ and the way that I learned! Mixing with vinyl records has some great benefits. Firstly, and I don’t care what anyone else says… nothing sounds as good as a vinyl record! Vinyl gives you a pure analogue sound as the …

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