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DisclosureSki Oakenfull from Point Blank Online Music School deconstructs Disclosure's hit song 'White Noise' in Ableton 9.

Croydon-based music production team Disclosure have achieved a rise in success of epic proportions in the past two years. In a short space of time they've gone from creating underground House music …

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Posted on Fri 14 October 2011 in Computer Music • Tagged with propellerhead, reason 6, review, tutorial

Reason 6We recently came across a few excellent little Reason 6 articles and tutorials that we thought you might find interesting and useful, including:

• Reason 6 Review
• How To Create a Hip Hop Combinator
• Recording Audio
• Remote Overides in Reason & The New Mixing Console
• Transitioning to Audio & Daft Punk arpeggiations "Tron …

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How To Re-String An Acoustic Guitar Video

Posted on Thu 03 February 2011 in entries • Tagged with acoustic, guitar, re-stringing, tutorial

Our resident guitar technician, Robin, shows us how to re-string a Martin acoustic guitar. He also shows how to prevent the bridge pin from popping out when doing so.

How To Restring an Electric Guitar

Posted on Thu 08 April 2010 in entries • Tagged with electric, guitar, re-stringing, tutorial

Our Guitar Technician Robin talks us through how to re-string a Gibson SG electric guitar.