Posted on Fri 14 October 2011 in Computer Music

Reason 6We recently came across a few excellent little Reason 6 articles and tutorials that we thought you might find interesting and useful, including:

• Reason 6 Review
• How To Create a Hip Hop Combinator
• Recording Audio
• Remote Overides in Reason & The New Mixing Console
• Transitioning to Audio & Daft Punk arpeggiations "Tron Legacy" style
• Alligator: Tones into Grooves & 10 free Reason 6 patches!

Click here to visit and check them out!

Plus, you may also be interested in the following Reason 6 articles:

James Bernard's favourite new Reason 6 patches.
Reason 6 The Echo Tricks.
Reason 6 Tips: Custom Alligator Patterns.
Reason 6 Tips: Pulveriser's Envelope Follower and CV.
Reason 6 Software Mixer Review.

For more information on the new Reason 6 or to buy a copy, follow one of the links below. You may alos be interested in our article entitled 'Cheapest Way To Get Reason 6!'

Propellerhead Reason 6 - More Info/Purchase

Propellerhead Reason Essentials - More Info/Purchase

Propellerhead Balance with Reason Essentials - More Info/Purchase