Rob Papen announces free upgrade to eXplorer IV offer

Posted on Thu 08 September 2016 in Computer Music • Tagged with Blue II, crossgrade offer, eXplorer III, punch, rob papen, subboombass


Rob Papen is one of the industry’s leading virtual synth developers. Over the last few years he has released a series of multi-award winning high quality software plug-ins including SubBoomBass, Blue II, and Punch (to name a few), which have become essential tools for many of the world´s …

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Posted on Fri 06 May 2011 in entries • Tagged with papen, rob, software, subboombass, synth

You can read more reviews like this, along with Tony's productions at his personal site -> Tony Long Music.


I thought I would have a look at a piece of Software for a change and because Bass is such an important element in music that people want to feel …

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