Posted on Thu 25 October 2012 in Computer Music • Tagged with ableton, live 8, live 9, max for live, suite 8, suite 9

Ableton Live LogoToday, Ableton have announced that Live 9 will be released early next year (2013) and to make this DAW an even more attractive option to new users, anyone who purchases Ableton Live 8 between now until the day that Live 9 is released will receive a FREE upgrade! Plus, from …

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Posted on Wed 13 June 2012 in Computer Music • Tagged with ableton, ableton intro, ableton live, ableton live 8, ableton suite, ableton suite 8, ableton upgrade, flash campaign, intro, live 8, suite 8

Ableton Live 8From now until June 15th 2012, purchase any qualifying Ableton software and get up to 33% off! This is the perfect time to join the Ableton family, or upgrade to a more powerful version, so don't miss out! If you are wanting to produce your own tracks, get extra creative …

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Posted on Thu 08 December 2011 in Computer Music • Tagged with ableton, dj controller, Live, live 8, Novation, twitch

Novation Twitch The innovative Novation Twitch touchstrip DJ controller now works with Ableton Live, giving users of the software a fantastic, compact all-in-one performance solution. To get the Twitch set-up with Ableton Live, all you need to do is download Novation's free LiveTwitchTranslator app from the Novation website!

The Twitch is an …

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Posted on Thu 04 August 2011 in DJ Gear • Tagged with ableton, Launchpad, Live, live 8, Novation, synth, synthesiser, ultranova

Check out this rather cool video of someone jamming using a Novation Ultranova, three Launchpad's and Ableton Live 8! This is the second part to a video that I posted a while back... enjoy!

For more information on any of …

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Novation Ultranova + Ableton Live 8 + 3 Launchpadand's Video!

Posted on Tue 10 May 2011 in DJ Gear • Tagged with ableton, Launchpad, live 8, Novation, ultranova

Check out this rather impressive video of Novation's resident Controllerist jamming on the UltraNova, Ableton Live, and THREE Launchpads! One word... skills!

Purchase the Novation Ultranova

Purchase the Novation Launchpad

Purchase Ableton Live 8

Purchase Ableton Suite 8

Purchase the Novation Launchpad + Ableton …

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Posted on Fri 15 April 2011 in entries • Tagged with ableton, daw, intro, Live, live 8, software, suite

If you’re looking for a creative DAW program that you can use for mixing, recording and composition but also perform with live, then Ableton Live 8 is for you…

Forgive us for stating the obvious but the clue is in the name: that word ‘Live’ is the absolute key …

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