Special Offer: iZotope RX Plugin Pack

Posted on Wed 22 March 2017 in entries • Tagged with izotope, izotope rx, plugins

izotope RX plugins

One of the go-to plugin developers for many of the members of staff here at Absolute Music is having a month of special deals on their mixing and mastering plugins. iZotope is running the Master the Mix promotion all through March and has just announced it is giving a huge …

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iZotope Announce RX 4 + Special Grace Period Prices

Posted on Thu 14 August 2014 in Computer Music • Tagged with izotope, izotope rx, izotope rx 3, izotope rx 4


iZotope have announced that they will be releasing a brand new and updated version of their award-winning RX audio restoration software, as well as dropping the price of existing RX 3 stock and offering a FREE grace period upgrade to RX 4 (when …

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Posted on Thu 03 April 2014 in Computer Music • Tagged with audio restoration software, izotope, izotope rx, izotope rx 3, izotope rx 3 advanced

iZotope RX 3 is a professional software program for restoring/rescuing/treating audio recordings. If you're dealing with troublesome clips, hum, buzz, crackles, etc., then this is the software for you! The Advanced version also features a number of additional tools for removing reverb artefacts from pre-recorded audio, a dialogue …

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