Posted on Thu 22 March 2012 in Drums

iPhone and Roland AppThe Roland WNA1100-RL is a compact wireless USB adapter that allows your Roland electronic instruments to communicate with your iPhone. It was announced at Musikmesse 2012.

The Roland WNA1100-RL is currently supported by the Air Recorder and the V-Drums Friend Jam apps, and is compatible with Roland's Juno-Di, Juno-Gi, Jupiter-80, Jupiter-50, Lucina AX-09, BK-5/BK-5 OR, V-Drums Sound Modules (TD-30, TD-15, TD-11) and the V-Accordion FR-1x.

[caption id="attachment_3423" align="aligncenter" width="600" caption="Roland WNA1100-RL"]Roland WNA1100-RL]([/caption]

The Air Recorder app can be used to wirelessly record sound from your instrument, or send songs from your iPhone to your instrument. The V-Drums Friend Jam app is a social practice tool for drummers.

For more information on the Roland WNA1100-RL, give us a call on 1202 597180 or visit the official Roland website.