Posted on Fri 20 January 2012 in Keyboards & Synths

Arturia MiniBruteSomething that has got us very excited about NAMM this year is the announcement of a number of new fully analogue synthesisers! Following the announcement of the Moog Minitaur, Arturia have also joined the party with a very cool little 25 note monophonic instrument that they have dubbed the MiniBrute!

The MiniBrute features a 100% analogue signal path with a VCO wave mixer, a classic Steiner-Parker multimode filter (which sounds out of this world!) and a number of unique analogue features such as the 'Metalizer', 'Ultrasaw' and the 'Brute Factor!' It comes with full MIDI, CV and USB connectivity meaning that it can be incorporated into any existing studio or live set-up.

In true vintage synthesiser fashion, the MiniBrute comes with a host of hands on controls. With no menu it means that all parameters have a hardware control, whether you be cranking up the sub oscillator, creating huge analogue filter sweeps, modulating the signal with an LFO, tweaking the arpeggiator, etc, etc!

As well as including all your standard envelopes, performance controls, oscillator section, etc, the MiniBrute also comes with a number of innovative extra features. The Metalizer warps a basic triangle waveform into more interesting, jagged shapes to deliver new metallic sounds full of rich harmonics.

Brute Factor creates a kind of feedback loop that pushes a sound into the Grungy dimension! Using low settings it can be used to produce a pleasing distortion effect, but when pushed it will unleash some absolutely filthy feedback sounds!

As with any synth, the best way to be introduced to it is to hear it for yourself, so check out the video below...