Posted on Wed 18 September 2013 in General News

If you've not taken advantage of sE Electronics' superb Reflexion Filter and pop shield deals yet then you're in luck, because this deal (last announced as finishing on 31st August 2013) has now been extended until 31st October 2013!

This great deal allows you to grab free Reflexion Filters and pop shields with selected microphones, which will help improve your recordings.

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Reflexion Filter Giveaway Extended Again

A Reflexion Filter acts as a portable vocal booth, eliminating unwanted acoustic artefacts caused by your recording environment, allowing you to achieve dry, un-coloured takes that you can then tweak to fit into your mix. A pop shield on the other hand helps disperse the energy from strong vocal sounds, to help reduce infamous plosive (high-energy popping sound cause by sounds such as 'p') and sibilance effects (harsh hissing noise caused by saying the letter 's').

For more information on any bundle in the Great Reflexion Filter Giveaway, please click the links in the original article (CLICK HERE to read it), give us a call on 01202 597180 or e-mail