Posted on Fri 13 July 2012 in Computer Music

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Novation have released an update to their fantastic Automap software - now on version 4.4. Automap works with all major DAWs, and automatically and intuitively maps the controls of a compatible Novation hardware controller to the controls of your DAW and plug-in effects and instruments, and even to hardware synths!

You can use the controls of an Automap hardware controller to gain hands-on control over your DAW's mixer, and you can even create custom mappings for individual effects/instruments that load up automatically every time you bring it into focus in your DAW.

Automap is a key feature of many a studio and it significantly helps speed up your workflow as well as making working with software much more hands-on.

Automap 4.4 brings a number of improved features and bug fixes, including:

  • Improved support for Reason on Impulse keyboards
  • A fix for black-note glissandos on Impulse keyboards
  • Built-in uninstaller so you can quickly remove Automap for troubleshooting purposes!

Click here to download Automap 4.4.

For more information on Automap compatible controllers, give us a call on 01202 597180 or click the links below to find out more about some of our favourites!

Novation SL MkII Series - Excellent series of semi-weighted controller keyboards full of assignable controls. They also feature a 'Speed Dial', which controls any software parameter that you have your mouse hovered over - very cool! There is also the Zero SL MkII, which just offers the wealth of assignable controls without the keyboard.

Novation Impulse Series - Series of semi-weighted controller keyboards with a great playing feel. The Impulse series of keyboards feature a built-in customisable arpeggiator and roll feature, 8 excellent feeling multi-colour pads (which integrate especially will with Ableton Live 8) and excellent integration with your DAW's mixer.

Novation Nocturn - Extremely affordable desktop controller with 8 assignable encoders and buttons, plus the awesome Speed Dial. An excellent gadget for any small home studio.