Posted on Fri 22 November 2013 in Computer Music

As the makers of Pro Tools, the industry's leading audio recording DAW software, as well as top-of-the range Pro Tools HD systems, Avid are synonymous with professional quality. However, you don't need to have cash to burn in order to get an Avid product. Avid's range of compact interfaces offer exceptional quality and features for your money and to make them even more tempting, the Fast Track Solo, Duo and Mbox have all taken significant price dives recently.

Grab a Fast Track Solo for just £109, a Fast Track Duo for just £159 or an Mbox for an amazing £219. All come with Pro Tools Express software, over £600-worth of plug-ins and an iLok. That's a lotta stuff for your money!

Avid Interfaces

The Avid Fast Track Solo is an ideal interface for solo recording artists as it features one microphone input and one electric/bass/electro-acoustic guitar input. You can even connect it to an iOS device with the included 30-pin adapter and record to your favourite audio app.

The Avid Fast Track Duo is a more flexible version of the Fast Track Solo. Although it is still a 2-input, 2-output device, it offers microphone, instrument and line connections for both inputs. This allows you to connect a stereo keyboard/synth to your computer, or 2 microphones at the same time, or 2 guitars, etc. Just like the Solo, the Fast Track Duo also comes with a 30-pin cable for connecting to an iOS device.

Finally there's the Avid Mbox, which you can now grab for just £219. This compact USB 2.0 interface provides two analogue inputs (for microphones, guitars or line level signals), two analogue outputs, plus 5 pin MIDI I/O and digital S/PDIF I/O for connecting to other digital equipment.

As if these interfaces weren't already great value for money, they also all come with Pro Tools Express software. This is a cut-down version of the industry-standard audio recording DAW, which allows you to run up to 16 tracks and comes with a selection of audio tools and effects. On top of this, you also get an iLok key (worth over £30) for storing licenses.

PLUS... all three interfaces also come with over £600-worth of additional software, consisting of the Moogerfooger plug-in bundle (which provides plug-in emulations of some of Moog's awesome analogue Moogerfooger units) and the Eleven plug-in, for adding genuine guitar tones to your projects.

All these things combined have to make the Avid Fast Track Solo, Fast Track Duo and Mbox some of the best (if not the best) value-for-money interface bundles on the current market.

Plus, don't forget that if you would like a Fast Track interface with the full version of Pro Tools 11, you can get the Solo plus Pro Tools 11 for just £399, or the Duo plus Pro Tools 11 for just £449. When you consider that Pro Tools software on its own costs £549, you're actually saving money, yet getting more! A definite no brainer if you're after Pro Tools 11!

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