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Ableton Live 8 Bundles ThumbAs you may know, we've been running a number of crazy-priced Ableton Live 9 deals for a couple of months now, whereby you can grab the full Ableton Live 9 software, PLUS a piece of professional hardware or software for (in many cases) LESS than Ableton Live 9 costs on its own! As an example:

• Ableton Live 9 software costs £339 on its own.

• In our cheapest deal, you can grab Ableton Live 9 plus a selection of Novation and Focusrite plug-in effects and instruments for JUST £179 - CLICK HERE!!!

• That's a SAVING of £160 and you get extra plug-ins!!!

For more examples of our CRAZY OFFERs, read on*! You need to be quick though - these offers will end on Wednesday 22nd May 2013 (next week) at 3pm and we will not be able to offer them again. There is also *limited stock and once they are gone, they really are gone.

Ableton Live 8 Bundles](


We have plenty of Ableton Live 9 bundles available. Check out some of our suggested examples below or CLICK HERE to view all of them. (Please be aware that the previous link shows all of our Ableton-related deals, some of which may not contain the software. Please make sure that if you want Ableton Live 9 the product specifies that Ableton Live 9 is included before buying).


Ableton Live 9, Novation Bass Station, V-Station, Focusrite Plug-In SuiteFor just £179, grab the full Ableton Live 9 software plus some additional professional-quality instruments and effects. Add Novation's Bass Station virtual instrument (worth £25.99), their powerful V-Station poly synth (worth £30), plus the Focusrite Plug-In Suite (worth £19.99 and containing Focusrite compression, EQ, gate and reverb) to your plug-in collection for an amazing price!

CLICK HERE for more information on this offer!


Ableton Live 9 with Waves Native Power Pack BundleFor just £249 (that's £90 cheaper than Ableton Live 9 on its own!), grab the full Ableton Live 9 software plus the Waves Native Power Pack bundle (currently on offer at £95, down from £240) with 10 professional Waves plug-ins!

CLICK HERE for more information on this offer!


Ableton Live 9 with Novation Launchpad-S BundleFor just £299 (yep, that's £40 less than the software alone is going to cost from next week), get the full Ableton Live 9 software, plus the brand new Novation Launchpad-S Ableton controller (worth £149, with faster response and brighter lights than the previous version, plus iPad compatibility)!

CLICK HERE for more information on this offer!


Ableton Live 9 with Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 BundleAfter a compact interface? Well, for just £269, you can get the full Ableton Live 9 software plus one of Focusrite's professional 2i2 interfaces (worth £119 - click here to read our review of it). This bundle will act as a fantastic heart to any home recording/production studio.

CLICK HERE for more information on this offer!


Ableton Live 9 with Novation 49 SL MkII Controller KeyboardIf you're after a professional controller keyboard to get more hands-on with Ableton then for just £449 you can get the full Ableton Live 9 software plus one of Novation's awesome 49 SL MkII MIDI controller keyboards. These keyboards have a great feel to them and cram in an impressive number of hardware controls, including plenty of encoders, sliders and buttons. To complement all this, it also comes with Novation's amazing Automap software, which automatically maps the controls of the keyboard to your software so you can get tweaking straight away! Remember, soon Ableton Live 9 will be retailing for £339 and the Novation 49 SL MkII costs £319 on its own, so this really is an UNMISSABLE DEAL!

Similar money-saving deals are available with the the smaller 25 SL MkII (click here) and larger 61 SL MkII keyboards (click here).

CLICK HERE for more information on this offer!

Remember that we have plenty more unmissable Ableton Live 9 offers listed on our website (CLICK HERE to see them all) and if we don't have the bundle that you want, give us a call and we will see what we can do!


How on earth are our bundles so cheap you might be asking? How can we provide Ableton Live 9 plus hardware for (in many cases) less than everyone else is advertising Ableton Live 9 for? Well, here is how it works:

• When you purchase any of our Ableton Live 9 bundles, you are actually purchasing two bits of Ableton software. Included in the offers are Ableton Live Lite (or Ableton APC/Launchpad Edition) AND an upgrade from Ableton Live Lite to Ableton Live 8.

• Ableton Live 8? Yes, that's right, but fear not, we're not mis-advertising! For all copies of Ableton Live 8 registered in your Ableton account before June 4th 2013, Ableton themselves are offering FREE upgrades to Ableton Live 9.


If you already own Ableton Live Lite, Ableton Live APC or Ableton Live Launchpad Edition, then you can upgrade to the full Ableton Live 9 software for just £159! This upgrade path will cost £299 when this offer ends so act quick!

CLICK HERE to take advantage of the Ableton Live Lite to Ableton Live 9 upgrade deal for just £159!


So, here is what you will need to do:

1. Insert the Ableton Live Lite disc that comes with your purchase and follow the on-screen instructions to install the software.

2. Visit the Ableton website ( and log-in to your online account. If you do not already have an online account, you will need to create one. This only takes a couple of minutes and is a necessary step whatever Ableton software you purchase. CLICK HERE to visit the Ableton account log-in/creation page.

3. On the 'Your Account' page, which will load up automatically once you have logged in, scroll down to the bottom and click the blue 'Register your copy of Live or Push' text underneath the larger 'Register Live or Push' title.

Register Live or Push]({static}/uploads/2013/05/Register-Live-or-Push.png)

Alternatively you can click the 'Add a serial' option from the drop-down menu to the right of the 'Your Account' title.

Ableton add a serial drop-down menu

4. As prompted, enter the serial number found on the Ableton Live Lite authorisation card (included in the box) in the serial number field and click the 'Register Serial' button. Please note that you will need to click in the first entry field to begin entering the serial number and you will need to press the 'Tab' key on your computer keyboard after every four digits/letters to move into the next entry field.

Ableton Enter a new serial]({static}/uploads/2013/05/Ableton-Enter-a-new-seial.png)

5. You should then be prompted that your software has been successfully registered and it should show up on the 'Software' page in your account. You should also then be able to select the software from the drop-down menu to the right of the 'Your Account' title to view the license details.

6. Now that you have Ableton Live Lite installed and registered, it's time to upgrade to Ableton Live 8. Insert the Ableton Live 8 upgrade DVD into your DVD drive and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation process.

7. Once installed, repeat steps 2-5 for the Ableton Live 8 upgrade package, entering the serial number that came in the upgrade box.

8. Once you have successfully registered Ableton Live 8, Ableton will immediately be in touch to offer you your FREE upgrade to Ableton Live 9! Follow their instructions BEFORE 4th JUNE 2013 to receive your FREE upgrade to Ableton Live 9!

Thats it! You've saved a HUGE amount of money and you've got the full Ableton Live 9 software!


1. Does the upgrade process take long?

Obtaining Ableton Live 9 through our upgrade process does inevitably take a little longer that simply installing the full version of Ableton Live 9 straight out of the box, but it's not much longer. In our opinion, it's well worth the extra 15 minutes or so of extra time to install considering the huge savings that you're making. If someone offered you £150 for 15 minutes sat in front of a computer on any other day, what would you do?

2. What if I am having problems installing the software and obtaining my copy of Ableton Live 9?

Fear not! We have a superstore based in Bournemouth, UK, which includes a knowledgeable tech support team. If you are having any problems, simply give us a call on 01202 597180 and we can talk you through it.

3. When do I need to buy and register by?

We've already mentioned this but it's worth re-iterating. This offer will no longer be available from 3pm on Wednesday 22nd May 2013 onwards. Just as important, you need to register your copy of Ableton Live 8 in your Ableton account before 4th June 2013 as this is when Ableton will cease to offer their free upgrade offer. If you do not register before this date then you will need to buy a separate Ableton Live 8 to Ableton Live 9 upgrade pack so we urge you to go through with this process asap so that you don't forget.

4. Because I have bought an upgrade, am I affected when it comes to upgrading again in the future? Do I have less rights because I didn't buy the full version of Ableton Live 9 straight-out?

By upgrading to Ableton Live 9, you will be treated exactly the same as if you bought the full version for £339. When the next version of Ableton is released, you will be eligible to upgrade with the standard version 9 to 10 upgrade pack at a significantly reduced price compared to buying the full version of the software straight-out. Therefore our bundles offer a fantastically cheap way to get on the Ableton train.

5. Do I miss out on the Ableton Live 9 manual by taking a download upgrade path?

Yes and no. If you purchase a boxed copy of Ableton Live 9 then it is supplied with a printed manual; the download copy to Ableton Live 9, as included with our bundles does not come with a printed manual. However, this manual is available to download for free online (click here) so it will still be easily accessible. Ableton also provide a great deal of online video tutorials to help you get to grips with the software, which can be used as a more intuitive way to learn the software alongside the manual.

If you desperately require a printed manual then we have the full boxed version of Ableton Live 9 in-stock and available for £339 - click here. However, you have to weigh up whether the savings you are making in our deals outweigh the need for a manual that is still available as a download and will of course become redundant if ever you upgrade to a later version of the software in future. Considering that you are saving over £150 you could also download and print out the Ableton Live 9 manual if you desperately needed a hard copy and still be saving serious money.

We know which one we would go for but it is of course up to you :)

6. What's the difference between Ableton Live 9 and Ableton Live 9 Suite? Can I get a deal with the Suite version?

Ableton Live 9 Suite comes bundled with more content than the standard version of Ableton Live 9. You get more instruments, more effects and more sample content. Ableton Live 9 Suite also comes with Max for Live, allowing you to create your own plug-ins and giving you access to a whole range of other plug-ins that other people have created. In terms of functionality, both Ableton Live 9 and Live 9 Suite are the same though.

Unfortunately all of our Ableton Live 9 Suite bundles are now sold out so if you want this software, your only option is to purchase the full boxed version (click here) or upgrade from a previous version of Ableton Live.

7. I don't have the money to buy until next month. Can you keep a bundle back for me and I will buy when I have been paid?

Sorry :( Unfortunately, as of Wednesday 22nd May 2013 at 3pm (next week) we will not be able to offer these deals again as all unsold Ableton Live 8 upgrade stock needs to be returned to our supplier. Once this has happened we will not be able to offer anywhere near these prices for any Ableton Live bundles, so if you want to take advantage of one of our offers, now is the time to do it! If your mum can lend you your money for a couple of weeks, ask her!

Once again, when this offer ends, it really has ended and there is nothing that we can do to offer these prices again (without losing lots of money!)


We hope that this article has been useful and we hope that we've managed to save you some serious money! However, if there is anything that you are still unsure of or want clarifying, please give us a call on 01202 597180 and we will be happy to answer your questions.

Also, if you know anyone who might be interested in these deals, please share this article with them as time is running out to make these HUGE savings! We're sure that they will thank you for the information and they may even buy you a drink with the money that you've saved them!