Posted on Fri 16 November 2012 in Competitions

Randy Staub Rock Solid EZXFancy getting your hands on a FREE copy of EZdrummer plus the brand new Randy Staub Rock Solid EZX expansion pack? Simply visit our Facebook or Twitter pages and share the photo below (or our competition tweets) to put yourself in with a chance of winning!

EZdrummer + Randy Staub EZX

The new Randy Staub Rock Solid EZX expansion pack adds loads of in-your-face sounds to your percussion arsenal, plus 3 new drum kits and loads of MIDI grooves!

Plus, there are even more chances of winning on Facebook! In our 'Where's Randy Competition' album are an additional 4 images of our drum department... with the EZdrummer and Rock Solid EZX prize hidden somewhere in there! Simply use your Where's Wally skills to find the prize in the photos and tag your name over where you can see it!

Share this photo on Facebook, tag yourself correctly in the four other photos and retweet for a maximum of 6 entries! **Competition closes midday on Friday 30th November 2012** and we will announce the winner on that day. **This competition is running alongside Toontrack Metal Month**, which brings you loads of amazing Toontrack offers throughout the month of November. **[Click here](** for more information on all our Toontrack Metal Month 2012 offers and grab yourself some bargains! Good luck! ``[**Click here to visit our Facebook page**]( ``[**Click here to visit our Twitter page**]( Just for fun, here are the 'Where's Randy' pictures from our Facebook competition - see if you can find him (we suggest clicking the photos to enlarge them) but remember that to enter the competition you will need to tag yourself in these pictures on our Facebook page before the competition ends! [![Where's Randy 1]({static}/uploads/2012/11/Randy-1-1024x768.jpg "Randy 1")]({static}/uploads/2012/11/Randy-1.jpg) [![Where's Randy 2]({static}/uploads/2012/11/Randy-2-1024x768.jpg "Randy 2")]({static}/uploads/2012/11/Randy-2.jpg) [![Where's Randy 3]({static}/uploads/2012/11/Randy-3-1024x768.jpg "Randy 3")]({static}/uploads/2012/11/Randy-3.jpg) [![Where's Randy 4]({static}/uploads/2012/11/Randy-4-1024x768.jpg "Randy 4")]({static}/uploads/2012/11/Randy-4.jpg) ``**For more information on any Toontrack product, please [browse our website]( or give us a call on 01202 597180.**
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