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Avid Fast Track Duo & SoloIf you're building up a home studio and are after an audio interface then how does this sound: buy an Avid Fast Track Solo or Duo between now and the end of August 2013 and you will be entered into a successive series of fortnightly competition draws to win a crossgrade to the full professional version of Pro Tools 11 (from the copy of Pro Tools Express that comes included with the interfaces). So, this means that the earlier you buy, the more draws you will be entered into, so if you've got a Solo or Duo on your radar, now is the time to pounce!

Both the Avid Solo and Duo are portable, studio-grade USB audio interfaces with a simple, modern, all-metal design, providing a number of connections to turn your computer into a professional recording system. As we mentioned, they also both come with Pro Tools Express, which is a stripped-down version of the industry's favourite audio recording software. In order to run the software, both also come with a free iLok licence key, worth over £30 AND the Eleven and Moogerfooger plug-in bundle, worth over £630!!! You can also connect both to an iPad with an optional USB power adapter (sold separately).

The Avid Fast Track Solo is an interface designed for simple recording projects. The Solo provides 2 input channels, with one microphone and one instrument connection. This makes it perfect for recording solo artists, allowing you to hook up a guitar and microphone and record onto separate tracks in your software for further editing. The Solo also provides 2 phono outputs for connecting to speakers or an amp. Of course, there is a headphone output on the front of the Solo as well.

The Avid Fast Track Duo also provides 2 input channels and 2 output channels, but it offers a little more flexibility in the way that you work. Instead of limiting you to a 'one microphone and one guitar' way of working, it provides two XLR/jack combo inputs on the front, allowing you to plug in either a microphone or a guitar into either one, plus two 1/4" jack connections on the back for connecting line-level devices such as a synthesiser. The Duo also provides two balanced jack outputs on the back for connecting to your speakers, which improves on the unbalanced output connections of the Solo.


Both the Avid Solo and Duo come with Pro Tools Express software, which allows you to work with up to 16 stereo audio tracks at 24-bit/48 kHz resolution in one project. It also comes with 3 virtual instruments and 25 effects plug-ins to get you started in bringing your ideas to life.

Pro Tools Express includes many of the tools that the professionals use in the recording industry, including MIDI and notation functions, as well as Elastic Time and Elastic Pitch, allowing you to change the length of an audio recording without altering the pitch and vice versa.

As we mentioned, each interface also comes with the Eleven software plug-in, which provides a collection of realistic guitar amp and cab models for creating your own signature tone. Eleven makes use of a special amp cloning technique, which delivers the sound and feel of classic tube amps by emulating each component to behave like its hardware counterpart.

The Moogerfooger plug-in bundle provides authentic models of Moog's awesome Moogerfooger analogue range of pedals. This bundle provides plug-ins that model the Moogerfooger Ring ModulatorMoogerfooger Lowpass FilterMoogerfooger 12-Stage Phaser and the Moogerfooger Analog Delay. If you're looking for a way of adding a bit of analogue warmth to your projects on a budget, then this could well be your answer!

Avid Fast Track Duo Interface


Entering the competition to give yourself a chance of bagging a crossgrade to the full version of Pro Tools 11 is easy. Simply buy an Avid Fast Track Solo or Duo interface from us and then send a copy of your invoice to That's it! You will then be contacted if you are a winner!

Winners will be drawn at random internally at Avid and the first draw will take place on 21st June 2013.

For more information on either the Avid Fast Track Solo or Avid Fast Track Duo interface, click the links below or give us a call on 01202 597180. Discounts are also available for students and teachers in Avid's educational packs.

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Avid Fast Track Duo (Educational Version) - More Info/Buy


If you don't want to leave it to chance to bag yourself the full version of Pro Tools, then check out our bundles below, where you can grab an Avid Fast Track Solo or Duo with a crossgrade to the full version of Pro Tools 11 for less than the cost of Pro Tools 11 on its own! If you then decide to enter the competition and win, you'll have a second copy of the Pro Tools crossgrade that you can give to a friend or sell!

Avid Fast Track Solo with Pro Tools 11 - SAVE £££s!!! - More Info/Buy

Avid Fast Track Duo with Pro Tools 11 - SAVE £££s!!! - More Info/Buy