Posted on Tue 25 October 2011 in Competitions

MBox ProOne of the main problems that customers face when buying an interface is that they often do not get the chance to hear it in action before they make a purchase. Therefore, Avid decided that they would take a step towards combating this issue by creating the Mbox listening challenge.Avid's Mbox range of interaces include all-new signal paths, premium converters and a lot more, so it is no surprise that they wanted to show them off! Avid decided to perform a highly scientific experiment that compared the input and output stages of the Mbox Pro against three other brilliant sounding interfaces with similar feature-sets, but that cost approximately three to six times more!

The Mbox Challenge involves listening to a number of different audio examples through professional studio-monitors or through a pair of high-quality headphones, and deciding which interface you think the signal has been run through. I for one was very pleasantly surprised! However, just be aware that the tests are not recorded through the interfaces' preamps - the tests only reflect the quality of the converters... it's still very impressive though!On top of this, Avid are also giving you the chance to win an Mbox Pro! Simply fill in your name and contact details and a draw will be made on 30th December 2011!Click here to take the Mbox Challengeand/or enter the Mbox Pro competition. You can also view a video here of how the challenge was recorded.For more information on any of the Mbox products or to buy one, click the relevant link below:

Avid Mbox Pro - More Info/Buy

Avid Mbox - More Info/Buy

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