Posted on Fri 17 February 2012 in Recording

Focusrite Liquid ChannelThe Focusrite Liquid Channel was recently put through its paces at Snap! Studios in London, as it was compared to a selection of the original models that it emulates. Judging the results were Guy Massey and Marco Pasquariello of Snap! Studios - check out the video below to see how the Liquid Channel fared.

The Focusrite Liquid Channel enables you to apply the characteristics of the most iconic and sought-after mic preamps and compressors in the history of music recording. It's been winning awards since we released it in 2003, and for the past two years running, it was voted 'Best Microphone Preamplifier' by readers of Sound On Sound magazine.

For more information on the Focusrite Liquid Channel, click the link below:

Focusrite Liquid Channel - More Info/Buy