Posted on Thu 10 November 2011 in New Releases

Rode SoundboothIt's often extremely difficult to ensure that you have the best mic for a specific purpose. Why? Because you simply can't physically test and compare a huge range of mics, so you usually have to purchase based on other peoples recommendations, or on past experience. This means that you are never quite sure if there is something more suited to your needs on the market.

This is a problem that Røde have recognised and luckily, acted upon. They have created a feature called 'Soundbooth', which allows you to audition a wide range of their microphones and hear what they sound like on a number of different types of instruments and at different proximities. So, all you need to do is to put on a decent pair of headphones and you will be able to compare the characteristics and nuances of individual microphnes in specific situations, ensuring that you always get the best Røde mic for your needs.Soundbooth is extremely easy to use. It employs a familiar DAW-style layout, it uses a drop-down menu on each track to allow you to select which mic you want to hear the recording from, and it has mute and solo buttons on every track. You can even add more tracks in case you want to hear and compare different recording situations more easily.


Every instrument featured in the Røde Soundbooth was recorded by Grammy nominated producer and engineer John Merchant (Bee Gees, Celine Dion, Barbara Streisand) at world class facilities including Red Door Studio, Nashville, The Steinway Gallery, Nashville and Middle Tennessee State University. The artists performing on the RØDE Soundbooth are some of Nashville’s finest session musicians.

The Røde Soundbooth is available on both an internet browser (click here), or as a FREE iPad application - click here to visit the iTunes store.

If you want to make critical comparisons between microphones, this is most certainly the easiest way to do it...

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