Posted on Mon 05 December 2011 in Keyboards & Synths

Korg MonotribeKorg have recently released a fantastic update to their amazing little Monotribe analogue synth! The Monotribe is a must-have synthesiser for anyone after a true analogue sound on a budget. It features a built-in step sequencer and phrase recorder, a vintage analogue filter, analogue drums, a ribbon keyboard with multiple modes and more! It's so fun to play around with and it is capable of creating some awesome sounds! You can even sync it with your DAW if you want so that you can use it in your professional projects!This new Monotribe update brings a whole lot more to the table with new features including:

• Synth part resolution has been doubled to 16 Steps.
• Volume Automation has been added to the synth part.
• Active Step can be specified for each part.
• Drum Roll capability has been added.
• Gate Time Hold function has been added.
• Sample and Hold (S&H) function added to LFO.
• Connected sequences allow multiple monotribe units to play in rotation.
• Half Tempo function has been added.
• Four convenient shortcuts for creating patterns quickly.For more information on the update or to download it, CLICK HERE to visit the official Korg website.

For more information on the Korg Monotribe or to buy one, click the link below:

Korg Monotribe - More Info/Buy