Posted on Thu 27 October 2011 in Keyboards & Synths

Korg MicroarrangerIt's time to introduce another keyboard in Korgs impressive 'Micro' range of products... the Korg microARRANGER!The Korg microARRANGER is a compact keyboard with 61 velocity sensitive mini-keys! It features built-in stereo speakers, 304 editable styles with intros, endings, fills and variations, 4 stereo effect processors with 89 effect programs, 660 preset sound programs and 128 user programs.

Despite it's size, the Korg microARRANGER is a fully professional product. If you have used any other product in the Korg Micro range, then you will be familiar with the type of quality that we are talking about!

The microARRANGER makes composing original music easier than ever! Simply choose a style to match your idea, program the tempo, hold down the chords with your left hand and pick out the melody with your the right hand and listen as your musical idea takes shape! You can the sequence your song in the built-in sequencer. Whether you are using the Korg MicroARRANGER in professional productions, or you are just using it as a portable device for building up complex ides, this new keyboard will suit you perfectly!

For more information on the Korg MicroARRANGER or to buy/order one, click the link below:

Korg MicroARRANGER - More Info/Buy