Posted on Thu 19 January 2012 in iOS Devices & Apps

Line 6 Mobile Keys Controller with iPadIn preparation for the upcoming NAMM show, Line 6 have announced a new gadget for iOS devices, called 'Mobile Keys'. These new products are essentially portable controller keyboards that hook up to your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad with a standard Apple connector and allow you to control your music apps in a lot more detail because let's face it, as useful as touch screens are, they don't exactly offer the most expressive means of playing a keyboard!

Line 6 Mobile Keys come in two different models; one with a 25 note keybed and the other with 49 keys. To complement the keybed, each Mobile Keys controller also features pitch and modulation wheels, volume and pan dials, octave shift buttons and 1/4" jacks for connecting sustain and expression pedals. Plus, both units also feature standard USB ports, which allows them to be connected to a laptop or desktop computer for control of your studio instruments and effects.

The keys featured on the Mobile Keys units are full size and velocity sensitive, although the overall design is still very compact, making it easy to capture performances full of natural articulations wherever you are! Both Mobile Keys models are compatible with any iOS app that supports the CoreMIDI standard for input, including GarageBand and numerous drum machines, synthesisers and virtual instruments.

For more information on the Line 6 Mobile Keys controllers, click the relevant link below:

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