Posted on Fri 11 March 2011 in Interviews

sE Electronics LogoIn this news article we catch up with Rich Aitken of Nimrod Productions, and he tells us why he rates SE microphones so highly...sE Endorsee: Rich Aitken

Occupation: Video game music producer

Games: Killzone, Wii Fit, Pokemon, Gran Turismo

Mics:Rupert Neve Ribbon, Gemini II, SE-T2 Titan

Summary: Nimrod Productions’ soundtracks have appeared on some of the biggest video games. Many are now recorded using sE mics because they offer “great quality at a price that makes sense in the modern market.”

From Killzone to Pokemon, Wii Fit to Gran Turismo, Nimrod Productions have helped soundtrack some of the biggest video games ever released. With clients that include Eidos, Nintendo, Sony, Take 2 and Codemasters their recordings have appeared on over 100 million sold games.

“We mainly do soundtrack work in games and movies,” says the company’s Rich Aitken, “and I've also worked with a lot of bands, big and small, over the years, sometimes on bespoke projects and sometimes just making records.”

Since Nimrod started in 2001 they have built up three high quality studios based around Neve and ICON consoles complete with the best outboard gear and mics on the market…

“I have a number of sE mics,” says Rich. “I’m using the ribbons a lot for drums which they are great for, plus I have a couple of Geminis which are used as room mics or sometimes as extra ambience mics on guitars. I’ve done quite a few vocals with them too – sometimes they're just the thing.”

“Initially it was on a whim!” he adds explaining his first sE purchase. “They brought out a ribbon at a good price point and I needed a couple. I've recently added the Rupert Neve Ribbon mic to my collection. It's a very serious microphone that delivers something unique. I used it recently for the solo violin recording of the Killzone 3 soundtrack. You may recall that Killzone 2 won an Ivor Novello for best video game soundtrack so competing with our own work has been a major target! The RNR has given me something 'extra’ for the new recordings.”

Rich has also recently taken delivery of an SE-T2 Titan to add to his mic cupboard. "It's a very transparent microphone,” he says. “I use it a lot for ambience recording of guitar amps in our studio room. It looks like the 4400 but is a very different mic. I'd seriously recommend it to anyonelooking for something that does ‘clean’ very well. It's a very ‘ruler flat’ mic so many may find it useful for capturing what's happening ‘in the room’."

Rich has now been using sE mics for a number of years including several high profile outings…

“I did use the sE ribbons on the Liverpool Philharmonic during the Capital of Culture recordings for Surinder Sandhu,” he says. “Great recording that one!”

“I find that sE stuff fits in nicely with the very broad range of work I do,” Rich concludes, “from recording rock bands, R&B vocals, and artist development, to orchestral works and a lot of voiceovers. We will also be purchasing a couple of sE mics and some Rupert Neve Portico pre-amps for our new voice recording facility in London next year.”

As well as the new studio, Nimrod have more video game work planned plus a new record label. More information from

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