Posted on Fri 20 January 2012 in Guitars

Alesis AmpDockWith iOS devices well on their way to world domination, Alesis have released a whole range of products that harness the power of the iPad and utilise it in a number of practical musical situations.

The first of these products is called the AmpDock, which takes principles from the popular IO Dock interface, but allows you to route your guitar through your favourite app and control it with real hardware controls. The beauty of this product is that you can design your sounds on-the-go using your iPad and then hook it into the Ampdock system for full performance control.

The AmpDock is compatible with both the original iPad and the iPad 2 and is an excellent tool for guitarists and bassists whether on stage or in the studio. With its hands on controls and professional inputs and outputs, the AmpDock takes your iPod from a handy portable music device to an essential studio and performance tool!

The AmpDock locks your iPad in a protective case and gives you a 1/4" guitar input for instant connectivity, an XLR-1/4" jack combo input for connecting a microphone or second guitar, MIDI In and Out connections, stereo auxiliary outputs and 1/4" main outputs. Plus, the AmpDock also features Ground Lift switches so that you can connect it to your guitar amp or go straight into a PA. Basically, it has all been designed with the needs of the modern guitarist in mind and it also includes a USB MIDI port for use with external software programs. Plus of course it gives you that essential headphone control for when you are rocking out late at night in your bedroom!

That's not it either! The AmpDock also comes with a pedalboard controller that is made to last on the road, enabling you to adjust volume and other continuous controls, as well as bypass, program changes and other parameters. You can even use the AmpDock without the pedalboard controller if you so wish, so this really is a very flexible product that can be moulded to a number of different professional situations.

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