Posted on Tue 07 February 2012 in General News

TonePrint App LogoThe TC Electronic TonePrint app introduced a revolutionary concept when it was released. It essentially allows the user to select a TonePrint preset (a guitar effect that has been specially designed by an industry professional) and then allows you to 'beam' the preset into your guitar pickup and down into you pedal in a matter of seconds! This means that you don't need to connect the pedal to a computer to switch presets, so you can leave your precious laptop in the safety of your home, rather than having to set it up on stage at a manic rock gig! And best of all... it's free!

How is this even possible though? The science behind the 'beaming ' process begins by converting each TonePrint preset into a unique sounding magnetic impulse, which plays through the internal speaker of your smart phone. By holding your phone up to your guitar's pickup, the pickup detects the impulse, which travels all the way down your cable and into your pedal, switching the preset. What's more is that the sound doesn't actually carry any data, so you can switch presets with ease even in noisy environments! Genius!

The good news for all you lot is that the TonePrint app is now available for Android devices. The application contains all TonePrints, meaning that you don't need to be connected to the internet to use it. Just be aware that you need a TonePrint compatible pedal to use it!

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