Posted on Tue 01 October 2013 in General News

TC Electronic have announced a new range of bass combo amps, consisting of the BG250-112, BG250-115, BG250-208 and BG250-210. Each of the amps is TonePrint-ready, so you can customise its sound by loading in your choice of professionally-programmed presets from TC's TonePrint library. You can even use the free Toneprint app to beam presets into your amp via your guitar's pickups - very futuristic! CLICK HERE to learn more about TonePrint.

Let's take a look at the range in a little more detail...

The BG250-112 is lightweight 12" combo amp with a tight and powerful sound and a strong presence in the mids. It features a number of tone-shaping tools, plus a built-in tuner for 4, 5 and 6 string basses, as well as two TonePrint slots! This means that you can load in two different effect presets and instantly switch between them without having to connect the amp to your computer or beam in the presets. If you're playing, you can also switch between TonePrint presets without using your hands using the optional Switch-3 pedal.

The BG250-115 is a larger 15" version of the BG250-112. Again, it features plenty of tone-shaping controls, a built-in tuner and two TonePrint slots. Due to its larger driver, the BG250-115 provides you with a warmer, fatter sound compared to the BG250-112, but still retains clear high-mids and treble for a sound that easily sits in the mix.

The BG250-208 features two 8" drivers, yet retains a lightweight design at only 11.75kg. As with all combos in the range, the BG250-208 delivers a powerful sound that belies its size and it features a built-in 6-string tuner and a single TonePrint slot.

Then there's the daddy of the range: the BG250-210, which features two 10" drivers for a scooped sound with a fast response and great low end. The BG250-210 has a built-in tuner for 4, 5 and 6 string bass guitars and two handy TonePrint slots for quickly mixing up your sound.

All models in the BG250 range are expected to become available this month! However, we would advise getting a pre-order in as soon as possible if you want to secure one from the first UK shipment as stock will be limited.

For more information on any TC Electronic BG250, click the links below, give us a call on 01202 597180 or e-mail

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Switch-3 Footswitch (for switching between TonePrints) - More Info/Buy