Posted on Thu 03 October 2013 in General News

Fancy a top quality professional reverb, but running out of room on your pedalboard? How about one that's TonePrint enabled, so that you can access all the usually hidden parameters of the pedal and create completely custom sounds... or of course download presets that have been programmed by industry artists and professionals? Or perhaps you want all of this but you're working on a tight budget? Well, if this sounds like you then you're in for a treat because TC Electronic have just announced the Hall Of Fame Mini! This compact beast provides the famed sounds of the larger Hall Of Fame pedal, but simplifies its design to just one switch and one dial!

For more information on the new TC Electronic Hall Of Fame Mini pedal, click the link below, give us a call on 01202 597180 or e-mail

TC Electronic Hall Of Fame Mini - More Info/Buy