Posted on Tue 14 January 2014 in General News

The original Ditto pedal was designed as an affordable, no-fuss looper for guitarists. With its simplistic design, it quickly became a huge hit and now, TC Electronics have introduced the heir to the Ditto, called the Ditto X2.

The Ditto X2 features stereo I/O and a two-button interface, allowing for a dedicated stop/clear footswitch and a separate FX button. The FX switch allows the guitarist to trigger either a reverse or half speed loop effect, for getting extra creative.

In addition, the Ditto X2 allows you to import and export loops from and to PC and Mac computers, allowing you to load the X2 with backing tracks or pre-made loops to jam over. Alternatively, if you've created a really cool loop on the X2, you can back it up on your computer really easily.

The Ditto X2 features the same true-bypass design as the original, along with 24-bit uncompressed high-quality audio. It also retains a compact design (although naturally its additional features make it slightly larger than its sibling). Also, just like the original Ditto, the X2 features 5 minutes of looping time with unlimited overdubs and an undo/redo function.

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TC Electronic Ditto X2 - More Info/Buy

TC Electronic Ditto - More Info/Buy