Posted on Wed 28 March 2012 in General News

Rob Papen BladeRob Papen's brand new software synth, Blade, is now available to buy and if you purchase before May, you can get it for a special discounted introductory price!

Blade is built around an additive synthesis engine and as well as featuring a number of complex creative parameters, it also features the unique 'Harmolator', which uses global controls to allow you to access the heart of the synth engine, without clouding your creativity with deep, complex partial editing.

Blade also includes an innovative XY screen, allowing you to create complex synth changes in an incredibly simple way. You can even record movements on the XY pad and repeat them in a number of different ways, for interesting moving effects.

Blade will normally retail for £125, but if you buy it before April 30th 2012, you can grab it for just £78! Bargain!

For more information on Rob Papen Blade, give us a call on 01202 597180 or click the link below:

Rob Papen Blade - More Info/Buy