Posted on Mon 20 January 2014 in General News

Nord have just announced that they will be releasing a brand new keyboard in April of this year! The Nord Lead A1 takes the acclaimed analogue-modelling engine from their Lead 4, whilst adding an innovative interface that is specifically designed for programming sounds.

Although it is a digital instrument, the Lead A1 can produce analogue-type sounds with amazing accuracy. It has 24 voices of polyphony, it's four-part multi-timbral and its renowned Nord-quality build and reliability make it a superb choice for both the studio and gigging musician.

Nord Lead A1

One of the main new additions to the interface design is the Oscillator section, which allows you to make complex edits extremely quickly and efficiently. The Lead A1 also makes setting up modulations extremely intuitive.

The Nord Lead A1 is packed with a variety of of filters, including low-pass, high-pass, band pass, along with accurate Ladder M and Ladder TB models. There's also an independent effects processor, which includes analogue models of classic synth effects, to maintain that vintage warmth.

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