Posted on Thu 24 January 2013 in General News

Korg MS-20 miniWe've got a really exciting announcement to make now and we're itching to get our hands on this one. Korg have miniaturised one of their most iconic analogue synths ever. Introducing the MS-20 mini! This little synth reproduces the original circuitry of the classic MS-20 (1978), including that amazing analogue filter and all those patching options! Yes, that's right, this synth is fully analogue and we're also pleased to announce that it is extremely well priced for such a beast of an instrument!

The Korg MS-20 mini was overseen by the engineers that built the original 1978 synth and so it completely replicates the original analoge circuitry. It features 2 VCOs, 2 VCAs, 2 VCFs 2 EGs and 1 LFO. The high-pass/low-pass filters of the MS-20 mini, just like the rest of the circuitry, are identical to the orignal. Yes, that's right, they self oscillate with their distinctive distortion! Plus, the MS-20 mini is also brought right up-to-date with the inclusion of a MIDI input and a USB connector, so it will fit right into the modern producer's/musician's studio even if space is limited - the MS-20 mini is 86% the size of the original!

Korg MS-20 mini Front](https://www.absolutemusic.co.uk/korg-ms-20-mini-monophonic-synthesizer.html)

If you're a synth addict then the Korg MS-20 mini is an instrument that you will undoubtably  want to add to your collection! Or, if you're simply after a true analogue mono synth with a classic sound (for a great price!) then we know that you'll also be drooling over this one!


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