Posted on Fri 08 February 2013 in General News

Eventide H9 Effect PedalAt NAMM 2013, Eventide have announced an exciting new effect pedal! But what sort of effect is it? Well, there isn't a straightforward answer to that because the H9 can actually act as any of Eventide's existing stompbox effects! All of Eventide's stompbox algorithms and presets will be available for purchase from a free iOS app called H9 Control (coming soon). H9 Control will also be available as Mac/PC software, allowing you to communicate with your pedal via USB.

As well as allowing you to purchase and switch algorithms, the H9 Control app also allows you to edit pedal effects, manage your presets and change system settings. This can all be done wirelessly via Bluetooth. We can see this being particularly useful for performing in-depth edits using the touchscreen of a device such as an iPad!


As for the H9 hardware, this features a simple one-knob user interface. It also has stereo audio I/O, MIDI I/O, an expression pedal input and an auxiliary switch input.

If you're looking for a pedal that can provide a variety of Eventide's super high-quality effects (Liquid Chorus, Organic Chorus, Shimmer Chorus, Classic Chorus, Phase XO Chorus, Bias Tremolo, Opto Tremolo, H910, H949, Crystals, Tuner, Tape Echo, Vintage Delay, Shimmer, Hall, UltraTap Delay) then you've just got to get yourself a H9!!!

The Eventide H9 is due for release in March this year. Who else is excited about this one?

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