Official Launch of the Roland Cloud

Posted on Wed 31 January 2018 in entries

Roland Cloud
It’s been in limited beta testing for a year but the Roland Cloud service is now officially launched for everyone...and we are very excited!

Roland Cloud represents the ultimate cloud-based suite of high-resolution instruments, connected services and software for modern music creators and producers. Roland’s global community of artists, creators and dreamers have easy-access to an ever-growing catalog of legendary and brand-new software instruments.

When you subscribe to Roland Cloud, you are subscribing to a service, not merely a collection of instruments. You can expect solutions to the issues that plague modern music creators to be delivered based on your wants and needs regularly. You'll be the first to get cutting edge technology via new instruments and software.

Roland Jupiter 8

There is a universal need by creators of music to be heard. Unlike "fire and forget" instruments and software packages that give you what they think you want, Roland Cloud is a deeply embedded part of the creative community and listens to then delivers what you actually want. For example, they are remaking decades worth of iconic Roland synthesizers that fit into your DAW because of the high demand of music making on laptops and portable devices. Roland have also added features to the software versions of hardware synthesizers that weren't there in the originals, this is down to multiples years worth of feedback from users. We have also been told that these features, and instruments, will grow in numbers in time.

Roland Juno 106

We have also learnt that Roland Cloud will be looking to cover all the bases in terms of music genres and production styles, starting with foundational instruments in several categories that will expand over time to cover just about anything you can imagine. Each "Series" in Roland Cloud represents a solution to a specific ask from creators.

LEGENDARY Series: Perfect recreations of legendary Roland hardware synths that fit in your DAW
TERA Series: Built on the Concerto platform, the most expressive acoustic sounds ever captured, future gateway to the power of cloud computing

FLAVR Series: Also built on Concerto, bite-sized, high-resolution soft synths perfect for targeting specific genres and tastes such as Deep house or Disco Funk

AIRA Series: Inspired by the Past, Built for the Future. Amazing sounding Roland ACB synths with a familiar workflow

ANTHOLOGY Series: Ultra-high resolution “Roland Remastered” virtual instruments that are simple to use and incredibly CPU-friendly via the Concerto platform

Essentials: The understated heroes, Essentials comprise some of the components that make up technology solutions provided by Roland Cloud

Software Solutions: Audio software that will enhance your workflow, creativity and help you deliver stunning audio

Roland FLAVR Grit

All of these instruments and pieces of software will be easily managed in the conveniently named Roland Cloud Manager. Simply put, Roland Cloud Manager is the companion application for Roland Cloud that puts all of the management of your Roland Cloud library at your disposal. Roland Cloud Manager has a very focused purpose: To facilitate simple management of your instrument and software library, account sign-in and a bunch of other useful but not-so-fun tasks that don't result in something you can dance to.

Funky Fever

So, how does it work? It’s one of the easiest subscription services in the market at the moment, there are two different versions. Option A - pay £18.95 on a monthly basis or Option B you can sign up for a year for just £185. Which seems crazy and we had to double check that price because you’re getting almost £3000 worth of software for less than £200! So there it is...professional software from one of the biggest names for a price that is in easy reach for students. Game changing stuff!

Roland D-50

To make things even more tempting...with the Roland Cloud YOURS loyalty program, for each 12 months of active paid subscription, subscribers can choose any software instrument from the ever-expanding library and use it forever- even if your membership is paused or cancelled. Best of all, your free month trial counts!

For more details on how to subscribe, simply get in touch by calling us on 01202 597180 or popping in and seeing us!

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