NEW: Steinberg Cubase 9.5 is here

Posted on Wed 15 November 2017 in entries

It's been churning around the rumour mill on forums for some time now but the official launch of Steinberg Cubase 9.5 is here!

With millions of musicians, producers and sound engineers around the world using Cubase every day, Cubase is one of the most popular digital audio workstations of our time. Due to its pristine sound quality, intuitive handling and unrivaled range of advanced tools, Cubase is not only considered by many users as the most complete DAW on the market today, but also sets the benchmark for contemporary music production software.

Whether you are a music industry veteran or taking your first steps in digital music production, the Cubase line-up has a plethora of tools that’ll fit all your needs — whatever your budget, level of experience or choice of music. Cubase is the favorite DAW of many of today’s most successful musicians from Grammy-Award-winning EDM artist Zedd to Academy-Award-winning blockbuster composer Hans Zimmer.

The latest Cubase update significantly enhances the workflow, the quality and the creative tool set of your favorite digital audio workstation, with amazing new features and sharp improvements.

64-bit mixing engine: Taking your sound to new heights

Get your mixing down the line — with the new pristine 64-bit floating-point mixing engine you will no longer need to compromise when it comes to quality, precision and realism. The advanced audio engine calculates your summing, mixing and effects processing with double-precision accuracy, performing each task with the utmost level of detail, dynamics and transparency.

Zoning 2.0: Speed up your workflow

Three new sections made their way into the right zone to enhance the flow in your work. The new file browser lets you browse, preview and import your media files in your project without leaving the window; the new metering section in the right zone shows the master and loudness meters to have a lock on your mix at any time; and then there’s the Control Room, providing direct access to your cue and monitor mixes.*

*Control Room and Metering are Cubase Pro only

More Metronome

You want the click to follow your signature shift? The new Metronome follows your lead no matter where you’re heading! Compose custom click patterns with up to four different accent levels in the new Click Pattern Editor*, and assign several different patterns to the Signature Track. Load your own click sounds or select one of the many pre-installed sounds. Every metronome helps you keep in time, but the new metronome in Cubase 9.5 does this so much more effectively.

*Cubase Pro only

Automation editing just got curves

Cubase 9.5 introduces ultra-precise automation curves for creating and editing smooth transitions, allowing you to go creative with musical build-ups and providing detailed automation lanes — all this while keeping mouse clicks to a minimum. One might think that a streamlined workflow possibly comes at the expense of accuracy. But no, not at all! Even the automation of
tracks controlled by VCA faders will incorporate all automation data of the connected tracks and will remain 100% on target.

More inserts now with flexible pre/post fader

By doubling the number of insert slots for VST effects on each track, Cubase 9.5 expands your creative horizon, inviting you to experiment with rich effect combinations and plug-in chains.
Whether you want to insert your VST effects before or after the fader, the new flexible insert section lets you dynamically adjust the position of the separator and gives you full control of your signal flow.*

*Cubase Pro & Artist only

Cubase 9.5 packs

  • 64-bit floating-point mixing engine performs each task with the utmost level of detail, dynamics and transparency
  • Enhanced zone concept with the File Browser, the Metering Section and the Control Room in one place
  • Ultra-precise automation curves for creating and editing smooth transitions and musical build-ups
  • 16 insert slots for VST effects on each track plus freely adjustable Pre/Post Fader separator
  • Adapt to Zoom grid mode for automatically adjusting the grid when zooming in and out
  • Improved Range Tool for editing automations faster, easier and more convenient
  • Refined Metronome with Click Pattern Editor and assignable patterns for the Signature Track
  • Superior workflow with event-based offline processing captures the feel of using realtime effects
  • Production Presets set includes stunning FX chain presets and brand-new mastering track presets for different genres
  • FLUX wavetable synthesizer for HALion Sonic SE combines top-notch sound quality with the latest HALion technology
  • Sampler Track enhancements with A/B mode, undo/redo and instant MIDI import rendering
  • Redesigned interfaces for the Vintage Compressor, the Tube Compressor and the Magneto tape saturator
  • Modern video engine supports the most relevant codecs and external video cards
  • Deep integration for Console 1 by Softube

Recently bought Cubase 9?

Not a problem, if you purchased Cubase 9 on or after October 18th you are eligible for a FREE upgrade to 9.5!