New EZX expansion for EZDrummer 2 - Alt Rock (with a bit of Albini!)

Posted on Tue 21 February 2017 in entries

Alt Rock for EZDrummer 2

Recorded by Steve Albini at Electrical Audio Studios, the newest expansion pack for EZDrummer 2 harnesses the powerful sound of the Alt Rock genre.

Steve Albini barely needs an introduction, he was the man behind many of the seminal Alt Rock recordings of the 90s including Pixies, PJ Harvey and, of course, Nirvana’s In Utero.

Thanks to Albini’s unique approach to mic placement and drum tuning scrutiny those looking for the distinct loud-soft-loud dynamics of alt-rock will get a lot of use from the Alt Rock ezx expansion pack. Included are two full kit and cymbal setups, five additional snares, two kicks and five cymbals and even the 26” and 29” Ludwig timpani drums. Also included is a selection of MIDI drum grooves that were inspired by the genre.

Because the sounds, dynamics and tones used during the 90’s alt-rock wave were so influential, tremors of the genre can be heard across many other albums by artists ever since, meaning that this expansion pack is greater than the sum of its parts and will have a much wider appeal than those looking for the 90s sound.

Alt Rock is the latest addition to the expansion pack family for Toontrack’s EZDrummer 2.0 and sits alongside other genre packs including Americana, Nashville, Indie Folk, Post Rock, Metal and Seventies Rock. All of these, and more, are available right here at Absolute Music at some of the best prices in the UK.

The Alt Rock EZX expansion for EZDrummer 2 is available from Tuesday 21st February 2017 for £50.95, click here to buy it now.



You have a 1 in 20 chance of winning a free copy of Alt Rock EZX! All you have to do is purchase Superior Drummer 2.0, EZ Drummer 2.0 or any EZX, SDX expansion pack. For every 20 purchases, we will pick one lucky winner at random! Closing date for the competition is 31st March 2017 and we will announce the winners shortly after.