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Musikmesse LogoIt's time for another Musikmesse show in Frankfurt and so far we've already been treated to a host of exciting new releases! We will be constantly updating this article with information on the most exciting news from the show and will include links for you to find out more information on specific products where possible. So, if you want to keep up to date with all the latest Musikmesse 2013 news, this is the place to be!

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Novation Bass Station IIA legend makes a return in the form of the revamped Bass Station II! This 25-note analogue synth features the filter of the original, as well as a special new 'Acid' filter, designed to resemble that of the iconic Roland TB-303. The Bass Station 2 features 3 oscillators as well as a selection of analogue effects. As an owner and huge fan of the original, I'm very excited about this one!

Novation Bass Station II - More Info/Buy


Korg VolcasKorg announce three compact new analogue synths - one for bass (the Volca Bass), one for lead (Volca Keys) and one for drums (Volca Beats). Each has its own built-in sequencer and you can link multiple units together for expanded performance possibilities. We're expecting these to be very popular, especially given their exceptional price!

Korg Volca Bass - More Info/Buy

Korg Volca Keys - More Info/Buy

Korg Volca Beats - More Info/Buy


TC-Helicon Harmony Singer]( Harmony Singer is advertised as being a guitar pedal for your voice! It allows you to use your instrument to guide your vocal harmonies, as well as featuring reverb and built-in audio processing so that you will always achieve a professional vocal sound.

TC-Helicon Harmony Singer - More Info/Buy


Pro Tools 11The industry-standard DAW has received an update! It's new 64-bit audio engine gives you a shed load more processing power, allowing you to run much bigger projects without upgrading your computer or hardware. It also features ultra-fast bounce times (up to 150 times quicker than real-time), video editing in the timeline and more!

Pro Tools 11 - More Info/Buy

Click here for information on how to grab Pro Tools 11 for cheaper while stocks last


Korg Kross 88A new range of synth workstations from Korg with portability and sound quality in mind. Available in 61 and 88 note versions, the Kross can be battery powered, has a built-in audio recorder, as well as a sequencer, effects and a number of quick-access live performance tools. You can of course also connect them to your computer via USB for integration with your DAW software.

Click here for more information on the Korg Kross


Novation Launchpad SThe world's most popular Ableton controller is now more responsive, faster, brighter and it is compatible with iPads! It also comes with overlays for use with other software such as FL Studio.

Novation Launchpad S - More Info/Buy


Allen & Heath Qu-16 MixerA super powerful digital mixer that is equally at home in a live situation or in the studio. The Qu-16 features 16 mono inputs, 3 stereo inputs, 4 stereo FX returns, 16 busses, 12 mix outputs, 4 FX engines, motorised faders, an 800 x 480 touchscreen, compatibility with the new Qu-Pad iPad app, USB audio streaming, DAW MIDI control, a built-in signal generator and MUCH more! The Qu-16 takes its effects from Allen & Heath's professional iLive touring series and because it has digital at its heart, it features Total Recall of settings, allowing you to create custom set-ups and recall them instantly when needed.

Click here for more information on the Allen & Heath Qu-16


Genelec M Series MonitorsGenelec announce a range of affordable active monitors aimed at the home studio owner, DJ and semi-professional producer. The range is made up of the M030 and the larger M040. With Genelec's reputation for superb studio monitors, we think that these are definitely going to be a hit!

Click here for more information on Genelec's M range of studio monitors


Universal Audio Apollo 16 & Plug-InsA 16 line-in, 16 line-out Firewire interface with an optional Thunderbolt upgrade. You can even combine two Apollo 16s together for a total I/O count of 32x32. Best of all, it features a built-in Quad core processor for running Universal Audio's amazing plug-ins, which accurately model some classic studio gear.

The Apollo 16 joins the Apollo Duo and Apollo Quad interfaces.

Universal Audio Apollo 16 - More Info/Buy


Nord Lead 4This new synth (available in both a 49-key and rackmount/desktop version) is the most comprehensive Nord Lead to date. It features new performance tools, new effects and some fantastic new transistor and diode ladder filter emulations. New 'Variation' buttons also allow for quick changes to be made during live performances.

Nord Lead 4 - More Info/Buy

Nord Lead 4R - More Info/Buy


Nord Drum 2 - Nord PadThe Nord Drum 2 is a 6-channel analogue-modelling percussion synthesiser. It features plenty of tweakability and can be connected to the Nord Pad via an Ethernet cable, allowing you to trigger its sounds - a fantastic live performance or studio tool. Of course, the Nord Drum 2 can also be triggered via a MIDI sequencer or using other MIDI drum pads.

Nord Drum 2 - More Info/Buy

[Nord Pad - More Info/Buy


Nord Piano 2A lightweight 73-note version of the Nord Piano 2 HA88, featuring a Hammer-action keyboard and access to Nord's Piano and Sample libraries.

Nord Piano 2 HP - More Info/Buy


Arturia Keylab Controller KeyboardsA new range of MIDI controller keyboards from Arturia with a huge number of hands-on controls! KeyLab controllers will be available in 25, 49 and 61 note versions and will come with new Analog Lab software, which features over 5000 tweakable preset sounds taken from their popular range of analogue-modelling software synths, modelling classic instruments such as the Minimoog, Jupiter 8, Prophet and many more! All controls come pre-mapped for controlling these sounds, so KeyLab controllers essentially act as a hybrid synth when connected to your computer. Of course, they can also function as a universal MIDI controller for getting hands-on with your DAW and other software instruments and effects.

Click here for more information on Arturia's KeyLab range


sE Electronics MagnetoWith an RRP of just £79, this condenser microphone is bound to capture the eye of home-studio owners on a budget that need an affordable way to record vocals and acoustic instruments. Coming from a company such as sE Electronics, with a rich heritage in professional microphone design, you can already be sure that this is a piece of kit that will perform way above and beyond its price tag.

sE Electronics Magneto - More Info/Buy


Roland BK-9The BK-9 is Roland's flagship backing keyboard. It features a 76-note keyboard in a lightweight and mobile design. The BK-9 is packed with over 1700 sounds and 70 drum kits, along with 540 rhythms. On top of this, the BK-9 has built-in effects, a 16-track sequencer, drawbars for controlling organ sounds and you can use it with iOS devices via Roland Wireless Connect.

Roland BK-9 - More Info/Buy


Yamaha PSR E-SeriesYamaha's new E-series consists of the PSR-E243 and the PSR-E343. They both come packed with sounds, built-in speakers and Yamaha Education Suite learn-to-play functions, so are ideal for beginners. Both models have a 61-note keyboard, with the PSR-E343 adding touch response.

The PSR-E243 comes with 385 voices and 100 styles, whereas the PSR-E343 packs in an even more impressive 550 voices and 136 styles.


Korg LP380 BlackThe LP380 is a digital piano from Korg that provides an authentic grand piano experience in a slim design. It features built-in high output speakers, an engine that faithfully reproduces the sound of a real grand piano and Korg's flagship RH3 (Real Weighted Hammer Action) keybed. It also features a three-pedal design with half damper support.

The Korg LP380 will be available in both black and white finishes.


Nektar Impact LX49Nektar's Impact LX49 is a brand new USB controller keyboard with plenty of controls and intelligent mapping, making getting hands-on with your software super quick and super simple. This means that you don't have to worry or waste time mapping the controls manually. The Impact LX49 will be compatible with most major DAWs, including Logic, Reason, Cubase and Sonar.